Check Out This Halo Needler Dart Gun

The darts don't actually home in on targets, though.

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We've seen replica Halo weapons before, but this one actually shoots. Blaster Labs and Gizmodo have the scoop on a Halo Needler dart gun from toy company Mattel's Boomco division. The licensed toy was revealed recently at the New York Toy Fair in New York City.

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The Needler is probably my least favorite Halo weapon (anyone else??!), but I will admit that this dart-shooter looks pretty excellent.

The darts do not, however, home in on targets in the way that the Needler's needle projectiles do in the game.

Pricing and availability was not mentioned, but Blaster Labs reports that the Needler might be the first in a series of licensed Halo dart guns. I'm all for that.

Head to Blaster Labs and Gizmodo to see more images of the Halo Needler gun.

Image Credit: Blaster Labs and Gizmodo

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$14.99 on Walmart

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