Check Out This Gameplay Video for Xbox One-Exclusive Sunset Overdrive's Insane 8-Player Mode

New gameplay footage shows off the zany multiplayer mode Insomniac Games has created for this year's console game.


Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games today released a special gameplay video showing off the eight-player multiplayer mode for upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. The mode, Chaos Squad, is fast-paced and frenetic; basically, it looks like a lot of crazy fun.

As detailed in the video and through a blog post on Xbox Wire, you can go straight from Sunset Overdrive's campaign mode to the multiplayer mode. All you need to do is enter a photo booth, and poof, you'll appear in the multiplayer with all of your same clothing and attributes.

Once you've entered Chaos Squad, you and your buddies get two mission options to vote on. Once you conquer the mission, you'll receive two new options, which will have different objectives than the ones you had before. The result, according to Insomniac, is that every Chaos Squad match will feel unique.

After you've wrapped up those missions, you can take on "Night Defense," which Insomniac calls the "main event." This mode sees waves of increasingly difficult enemies flood the map, with you and your squadmates tasked with taking them down. Not only can you use your weapons and traversal techniques, but you can also place traps to thwart the enemies.

Before each wave starts, you'll have a chance to place traps in strategic locations. If you screw up, you can also move these traps mid-match, though that's going to be the more precarious option, according to the footage we see in the video.

Finally, the rewards your Sunset Overdrive character earns in multiplayer will carry back with you to the campaign mode. Check out the full video above, and look for Sunset Overdrive exclusively on Xbox One on October 28.

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