Check Out This Fully Functional Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-Kart

I want one.


As part of a special promotion for Batman: Arkham Knight, Sony announced it would build a real-world Batmobile inspired by the game for one lucky contest winner. The winner, Francis, has now received his ride, which is actually a dune buggy customized to look like the Batmobile seen in the game. It's a fraction of the size and lacks firepower, but man, it looks cool. Watch the video below to see how it came together.

The team at Super-Gamer Builds created the mini-Batmobile as part of a seven-week build that involved a lot of custom components. The shell is made of fiberglass, while the level of detail is quite impressive.

As you'd expect, this Batmobile isn't exactly street legal. A disclaimer in the video says Francis will only be able to drive it in approved locations, such as enclosed courses. Or maybe his backyard.

Arkham Knight was released in June this year and has sold more than 5 million copies. The game continues to receive new DLC, including some skins based on next year's Batman v Superman.

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