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Check Out This Cool-Looking New Monster Hunter 3DS XL System

Another reason to move to Japan.


Capcom has revealed a new, limited-edition New 3DS XL system out later this year alongside Monster Hunter X. As you might expect, this system is only confirmed for release in Japan, where it's due out on the same day as the game, November 28.

The red system is adorned with Monster Hunter X's logo and name, and you can see faint versions of the game's four main monsters in the background.

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The special system will priced at 26,000 yen (about $209). Aside from getting a special handheld, picking up this model also gets buyers two special Monster Hunter themes, both of which are pictured below. One shows off Monster Hunter's Felynes, which make a return in X, and the other shows off some of the game's monsters.

Monster Hunter X was announced earlier this year. The 3DS exclusive runs on the same engine as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and includes new monsters, actions, and attacks. A western release has not yet been confirmed, but considering how well 4 Ultimate did in North America and Europe relative to past Monster Hunters, you can expect it to make its way out of Japan.

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