Check Out This Beautiful Art From Destiny 2's Cinematic Trailers

Check out that fallen city.


Bungie has released two cinematic trailers for Destiny 2 so far, and although they don't show any gameplay, they reveal some of the themes that will be important for the game's story. They are also gorgeous, and recently two of the artists who contributed to the trailers have posted some of the high-resolution images that they worked on.

Nick Hiatt and Darek Zabrocki, concept artists who have worked on games in the past, published pieces of art that they made for the cinematic trailers. Zabrocki's piece is from the first video, and it shows the Last City under attack while the Traveler hangs over it:

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Hiatt's image, on the other hand, is from the trailer released last week. It shows a picturesque scene of the Last City and the Traveler before it is attacked.

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If you want these for your desktop background, you can check out the full-resolution images here for Hiatt's and here for Zabrocki's. You can also see some of their other work at their respective Artstation profiles, here and here, respectively.

Destiny 2 launches on September 8 for Xbox One and PS4, and on an unannounced date for PC. We learned a lot about the game last week during its reveal, and we got our first glimpse of gameplay. You can catch up on all of the news here.

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