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Check Out This $3,000 DualShock 3 Coffee Table

Etsy user creates nice-looking PlayStation 3 coffee table using birch wood and custom-cut glass; sold this week for $3,000.

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Do you love video games so much that you'd want a coffee table shaped like a PlayStation controller? Apparently someone does, because the giant DualShock 3 coffee table listed on handmade shop estsy sold this week for $3,000.

Technabob reports that etsy user WoodCurve made the gamer-focused coffee table from 3/4" birch plywood, featuring a custom-cut 1/2" tempered glass top with polished edges. It looks remarkably well made, matching the PlayStation 3's DualShock 3 design quite well.

The table also features a fold-down door for storage of games, controllers, and anything else. It's unclear, though, if the thumbsticks actually move. I'd hope they wouldn't, because that could lead to spills or worse.

WoodCurve's other works include some pretty gnarly bookshelves. Check them out there.

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