Check Out this 29 Foot Statue that League of Legends Just Built in Brazil

"We decided to create it so that League of Legends players can have even more interaction with the game."

On Friday, League of Legends' office in Brazil did something kind of awesome. They unveiled a statue in Villa Lobos Park in São Paulo, Brazil.

The statue takes on the shape of one of the many fortified turrets you'll find in-game that players are tasked to destroy. Sure, it might not be one of the characters, or one of the monsters but this is pretty cool too. According to one reddit user, it even plays some iconic music from the game itself.

The tower stands at around 29 feet (almost 9 meters)--and in order to illustrate the sheer enormity of structure, the offices in Brazil decided to release a video:

In a statement released by the offices, Robert Iervoline, the general manager, explained the purpose of the tower:

We decided to create it so that League of Legends players can have even more interaction with the game and share this experience with your friends.

League of Legends and its publisher Riot Games are no strangers to bringing elements of the game to life. But what makes the tower so fascinating is the fact that it's not just confined to an office or a studio this time. It's out in the open fields, which transforms it into a gathering place for fans of the game--a way for fans to have real interactions with the world of League of Legends. (I mean, doesn't it just look like it could be from a portion of the map of Summoner's Rift?)

And if you're interested in seeing the statue, fear not. According to the same statement, it'll be visiting other cities in Brazil outside of São Paulo after this weekend.

Here are some pictures:

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