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Check Out These Stunning New GTA 5 PC Images

Grand Theft Auto V finally comes to PC next week, but you can see some new images right now.

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Rockstar Games has released a handful of new Grand Theft Auto V PC images that show off just how gorgeous the game will look on your computer, provided your rig is beefy enough.

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Click through the images in the gallery below to see Los Santos and Blaine County with superb detail.

Also included in the gallery are some images that highlight the game's graphics options, which include sliders for texture, shader, shadow, and reflection quality, along with another option for motion blur and depth of field effects. You can even choose the level of detail you'd like grass and water to have.

GTA V launches for PC in under a week, hitting retailers worldwide on April 14. The digital version of the game is available now to pre-load from the Rockstar Warehouse and Steam.

For lots more on the PC edition of GTA V, check out GameSpot's new interview with Rockstar North and the video below where we discuss the game's new editor and director mode.

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