Check Out These New Mario Switch Controllers

Third-party controller manufacturers Hori and PowerA each have new Switch controllers releasing in the coming weeks.


The Nintendo Switch has two pretty neat official controllers-the included Joy-Con pair and the expensive-but-great Pro Controller--but a practically endless supply of third-party options are also available at this point. Many of the less expensive third-party controllers are themed with popular franchises, and what's more popular than Super Mario? If you're looking for a new, budget-friendly gamepad and happen to be fond of the Italian plumber, Hori and PowerA both have new controllers releasing next month for $25.

We've been seeing a ton of new Mario products lately as part of the franchise's 35th anniversary celebration, including board games, apparel, Lego sets, and more. Nintendo still hasn't confirmed reports from earlier this year that claimed numerous Super Mario remasters are in the works for the the mascot's 35th anniversary. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of new Mario-themed products, including the pair of controllers below.

If you're looking for a new wireless controller option for Nintendo Switch, make sure to check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch controllers. Our list includes a wide variety of gamepads, including numerous models from Hori and PowerA.

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