Check Out These New Genshin Impact Funko Pops, Available To Preorder Now

Funko Pop delighted fans with these upcoming figures for Aether, Lumine, and Paimon from the hit game Genshin Impact.


Funko Pop has announced that it would add Genshin Impact characters Aether, Lumine, and Paimon to its expanding collection. The company has designed figures based on comic book, video game, and anime characters in the past, so it's no surprise that they finally decided to copy the likenesses of the protagonists into the collectible company's signature figurines.

Each character’s design faithfully translates them into a blockheaded chibi with large, endearing eyes. Aether, Lumine, and Paimon all wear their standard outfits from the game, complete with the golden embroidery that decorates them. Notably, Paimon floats—her feet are designed to look as if they are hovering off the ground instead of standing on it like with the two main characters.

You can check out the designs of each Genshin Impact Pop as well as find out where to preorder the figurines below. While these Funko Pops don't appear to be limited edition, figurines based on video game characters sometimes sell out before the official release.

Preorder Aether Funko Pop

Genshin Impact Aether Funko Pop
Genshin Impact Aether Funko Pop

Preorder Lumine Funko Pop

Genshin Impact Lumine Funko Pop
Genshin Impact Lumine Funko Pop

Preorder Paimon Funko Pop

Genshin Impact Paimon Funko Pop
Genshin Impact Paimon Funko Pop

In addition to these individual listings, Walmart is selling a set with all three characters in one package. Note that there isn’t a bundled discount for the set, so if you’re really only attached to one or two characters, it’s best to just order the one you want.

Genshin Impact Funko Pops release dates

Funko Pop hasn’t confirmed an official release date for the figures. Originally, the company said it would aim for a 2022 release. Sometimes Funko Pops release on different dates at each retailer, and that appears to be the case here. GameStop seems to be getting the Funko Pops first, as the retailer has them listed for June 13. Meanwhile, Walmart's bundle is slated for July 29. Amazon currently has the Pops slated for an October release date.

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