Check Out These Custom Mass Effect PS4 and Xbox One Consoles

You can win one.


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[UPDATE] Here's how to win one: Simply share your favorite Mass Effect moment on Twitter using the hashtag #N7Day and you'll be entered to win.

The original story is below.

BioWare has revealed new custom PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles inspired by the spacefaring Mass Effect RPG series. The developer is giving these away as part of its N7 Day today, November 7, which is a celebration of everything related to the Mass Effect series.

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For a chance to win one, you'll need to follow the Mass Effect (@masseffect) and BioWare (@bioware) Twitter channels. Full contest rules will presumably we announced later. There's also no word yet on how many of these consoles were made, but we're guessing it's not many.

These PS4 and Xbox One consoles were made by ColorWare, the custom console company that also created the Fallout 4 Xbox One console that Microsoft is giving away.

In other N7 Day news, BioWare has released a new teaser trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, in which Commander Shepard says goodbye. Andromeda launches in fall 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Avatar image for battlestreak

Absolutely no creativity for these designs. None at all. More like just skins.

Also, the Xbox One looks even more disgusting with this design. At least the PS4 looks better with this design, since it's slanted.

Avatar image for Naquada

I feel like it would be easier to spend like $20 just having the Xbox I have wrapped.

Avatar image for Myron117

I always feel they never put ANY effort into these custom consoles

Avatar image for toffifee

Frack Twitter in the a$$

Avatar image for ember_to_flame

a red mark and N7 , not that special. Woulda expected something cooler considering it is mass effect.

Avatar image for Marky360

Custom baby

Avatar image for sladakrobot

Looks rerally decent and nice.
Would like to have that skin on my X1.

Avatar image for doquangminh

this looks cool but i prefer the COD BLOP3 PS4 model :)

Avatar image for desmorfer


Avatar image for muzza93

@doquangminh: You liked the Black Ops 3 PS4?? I thought everyone agreed that that thing was fugly

Avatar image for nyadc

@doquangminh: That is literally one of the ugliest designed Limited Edition consoles in existence, in comparison to the Xbox One last year that console looks horrible...

Avatar image for Marky360


Man why you gotta shit on the man's favorite?

Avatar image for ECH71

"Join us on N7 Day for your chance to have femshep shoved down your throats."

Avatar image for RadPro

@ECH71: They used Jennifer Hale for the trailer because she happened to be recording at Bioware Studios for the Old Republics expansion. But some people just like to whine...

Avatar image for Ground_Zero

So it's a normal coloured console with a red and white stripe painted on it? BRILLIANT!

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

@Ground_Zero: Not a Mass Effect fan, huh? That's fine - not everybody is Just move along and don't diss our junk.

Avatar image for Marky360


I don't think this says he is not a Mass Effect more so that he thinks these custom consoles were lazy

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Marky360: But The consoles are very Mass Effect .. Its supposed to be a simplistic design .. If it had a floral pattern people would be like WTF?

Avatar image for Marky360


I just think he expected more creativity with the design. Just because it's Mass Effec doesn't mean the consoles had to look so plain.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Marky360: I believe that's the art style though as if its a piece of N7 Tech

Avatar image for Ground_Zero

@VakarianGirl: I'm a big mass effect fan. Got a life size M8 rifle, Paladin pistol and a whole heap of figurines. I'm just not a fan of this. Unless they make custom sounds like the Star Wars 360 did. But if they don't and it's just a quick paint job then what's the point

I love mass effect but I don't have to like everything from it. Like this.

Avatar image for barbarossa213

Personally, I love the simplicity of its design. Not making a Twitter account though, regardless of the temptation this presents.

Avatar image for Judeuduarte

But I hate twitter...

Avatar image for senorbusyman

my only hope is that i want the X1 to make Mass Effect sounds when u turn it on/off or touch eject button

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

@senorbusyman: LMAO! I just had a mental image of me ejecting a disk to the sound of an incoming Reaper - "BBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Avatar image for Xristophoros

bad. very bad.

Avatar image for tiny_rick

They sure put a stripe on those consoles

Avatar image for maxguevera

I'd prefer paragon and renegade consoles, these are a little generic.

Avatar image for gottago42

They actually look nice definitely better than the Call Of Duty & Star Wars Battlefront consoles

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

@gottago42: The Vader one looks okay....but anything is better than the COD version gods that's ugly as sin......

Avatar image for Saidrex

Now that's a one sexy design.

Avatar image for Maj_Wood

@Saidrex: no a cocktail dress on a lass my age with the N7 stripe now that's sexy