Check Out These Cool New Contra Action Figures

Bill and Lance get their own retro-style action figures, complete with weapon effects and floating powerup.


NECA's expanding its line of video game tribute figures with a pair that it describes as a "frequently requested addition:" Contra.

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This two-figure bundle (via Game Informer) includes figures of Bill and Lance that stand about 7 inches tall. They each feature custom-designed weapons, "all-new head sculpts," and pixelated-style pants. It also comes with a power-up capsule that's equipped with a clear stand that gives it the illusion of floating in the air, as it does in the game.

Best of all, perhaps, are the detachable blast effects for both characters' weapons. These make it look as if their weapons are being fired (and with the spread gun powerup, in Bill's case).

Equally nice is the box, which has been designed to resemble the NES-era box art of Contra. You can see this and some other images of the figures in the gallery above.

A price for the set wasn't announced, but it's due out in late April 2016.

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