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Check Out These Cheap Alternatives To Helldivers 2 On Xbox

Helldivers 2 isn't available on Xbox, but these cheap cooperative shooters are the next best thing.


Helldivers 2 has seen incredible success over the past few weeks, and now that its servers are mostly stable, players are finally free to spread democracy across the galaxy. However, folks on Xbox are left out of the fun, as the cooperative shooter is only available on PS5 and PC. It's not clear if Helldivers 2 will ever see the light of day on Xbox Series X, but there are tons of alternatives to check out that offer a similar gameplay loop. Best of all, many of these games are incredibly cheap.

While nothing is identical to the chaos of Helldivers 2, there are plenty of great cooperative Xbox games that scratch a similar itch. Remnant 2 is a good alternative, as having a few extra guns by your side makes it easier to survive its unforgiving world. It's currently on sale for $30 (down from $50), so consider giving it a closer look before the discount disappears.

For something more lighthearted, you'll find Tiny Tina's Wonderlands for $10 on Xbox One and $20 on Xbox Series X, along with Borderlands 3: Next Level Edition for $10 (down from $70), which includes heaps of DLC content.

If you're just looking to take down hordes of enemies with a few buddies, Warhammer: Darktide is an easy recommendation now that it's listed for $20. There's a heavier focus on melee weapons in Darktide than Helldivers 2, though carving through wave after wave of enemies is incredibly satisfying.

You'll find our favorite Helldivers 2 alternatives below.

Best Helldivers 2 Alternatives on Xbox

If nothing catches your eye, you could consider signing up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Not only will you find a few of the above games on the service, but you'll also get access to Dead Island 2--which is just as chaotic as Helldivers 2, even if it has a stronger emphasis on RPG elements. But if you're looking for a fun cooperative game, it's an easy recommendation.

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