Check Out The New Last Of Us Part 2 PS4 Dynamic Theme

Free and available now on the Playstation Store.


There's been a lot to take in following the recent deluge of news for The Last of Us Part II. As the sequel to Naughty Dog's seminal post-apocalyptic game, Ellie is still trying to survive in what remains of the USA, and the stakes have been raised significantly following her travels with Joel. To celebrate Outbreak Day--the fictional date for when the fungal virus in the game's plot hit critical mass--along with the recent reveal of the game's launch date, set for February 21, 2020, Sony and developer Naughty Dog have released a special dynamic PS4 theme, which is free for everyone.

On Twitter, Naughty Dog revealed the new "Grunge" theme, which features two background images focusing on Ellie in different situations. This new theme also adds a quasi-grain filter over the UI, which certainly gives the PS4's home menu a more grim look. The theme is available now on the Playstation Store via a web browser or through the console's interface.

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There's certainly been a lot to talk about with the game following our recent hands-on session. In editor Phil Hornshaw's recent impressions article, he talked about several gameplay changes coming to the sequel, and how the game's tone is exceedingly bleak. One of the biggest revelations to come from our time with the game, however, is that it will be a strictly single-player game, which means the Factions mode from the original won't be making a return.

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