Check Out the Final Steam Controller

Here's what the latest iteration of Valve's controller looks like.

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A day after Valve made a bevy of announcements, we're now getting a look at the final version of the company's Steam Controller.

The pictures above and below come from the floor of the ongoing Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It's very similar to the leaked image that emerged in December, which followed a number of revisions to the controller. It still sports track pads, but has--as rumored--replaced what was previously a d-pad (of sorts) with an analog stick.

Originally announced in September 2013, the Steam Controller will be available for $50 alongside the Steam Link device we heard about yesterday. Link, which also will cost $50, will allow for computer games to be streamed across a local network when it's released this November.

Stay tuned to GameSpot for the latest on the Steam Controller--we'll have hands-on impressions soon--and all the happenings from GDC.

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