Check Out The Division's Emotes in This Video

Unfortunately, there is no dance emote.


For most online-focused games, emotes have become commonplace, and The Division is no different. One YouTuber compiled a video showing off all of these emotes from the upcoming Tom Clancy game.

Arekkz Gaming demoed the six emotes that include salute, surrender, help, applaud, wave, and jumping jack. Shockingly, it doesn't look like you'll be able to dance which has become a favourite in many games, like Destiny and World of Warcraft, that allow the use of emotes.

Of course, if you're on the PC, you'll be able to communicate with other players by typing on your keyboard. You can check out more PC-exclusive features and system requirements for The Division right here.

If you want to get your hands on The Division, you'll be able to do so when its multiplayer beta starts this week.

Ubisoft produced a live action series based on The Division and you can watch all of the episodes right here on GameSpot. If you want free DLC based on the live action series, you can find out how to unlock it here.

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