Check Out the 14-Foot Version of Warcraft's Lich King That Now Resides in Taiwan

Blizzard celebrates turning 25 with a huge statue.


Blizzard turns 25 this year, and it's marking the occasion by erecting a giant version of one of Warcraft's most memorable characters, Arthas.

A 14-foot version of the Lich King that weighs 4,000 pounds can now be found at the Calligraphy Greenway, a tourist attraction in Taichung, Taiwan. You can check out photos of its construction in the gallery below.

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Coinciding with the statue going up, Blizzard also highlighted an upcoming Heroes of the Storm skin for Arthas, who's one of the game's many playable characters. As seen briefly in a recent trailer looking at content currently in development, Mystic Kingdoms Arthas is based on Guan Yu, a famous Asian warrior. Blizzard says it's the result of a collaboration with Chinese partner NetEase Game and will be available in a bundle with the new Crimson Hare mount on July 26. You can get a look at the skin below.

2016 marks the 25-year anniversary of Blizzard, although it wasn't known by that name for the entire quarter-century. It started out in 1991 as Silicon & Synapse, later changing its name to Chaos Studio and ultimately becoming Blizzard Entertainment in 1994. One of its earliest games, The Lost Vikings, received a spotlight last year when its titular heroes were released as characters in Heroes of the Storm.

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