Check Out Some Awesome New Diablo 3 Items Coming in Patch 2.3

No new sets for Barbarians or Demon Hunters, unfortunately.


Blizzard has unveiled several of the new set items and legendaries coming in Diablo III's next big patch, as well as some of the revised sets that are also on the way.

In total, patch 2.3.0 brings with it three new sets and updates two existing ones. Each of these is featured in the video below--the Crusader, Monk, and Witch Doctor each get a new one, plus there are improved versions of sets for the Witch Doctor and Wizard.

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Click for a full-size view of either gallery.

The new Spirit of Arachyr looks particularly interesting, as equipping two pieces summons a permanent Spider Queen, while equipping more offers some nice healing and damage buffs.

You can see all of the pieces and bonuses in the image gallery above alongside images of some of the new legendary items. Three of those pictured (Bane of the Stricken, Fazula's Improbably Chain, and Henri's Perquisition) are all seasonal legendaries, meaning that during the upcoming season 4, only seasonal characters can find them. Once the season ends, they'll be added to the regular rotation of items that can be found in the standard game.

Patch 2.3.0 does much more than add new items: There's a new zone, higher difficulty settings, improved crafting, and a special new item that allows you to re-roll legendaries or extract their powers. Blizzard has not yet announced a specific release date for the update, but you can check out some of the new content now on the public test realm.

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