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Check Out Some Art From The New Tekken Comic

Tekken Volume 1 arrives on December 19.

Like many long-running video game franchises, Tekken has spawned numerous film and comic adaptations since it first arrived back in the mid-'90s. This month sees the debut of a new graphic novel based on the series, titled Tekken Volume 1, and ahead of its release, we've gotten a look at its cover and some interior artwork.

Like the game series, Tekken Volume 1 features many popular Tekken mainstays, including Heihachi, Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, and other characters, who must battle against "an ancient evil" that threatens the world. Below, you can see the cover art for the first installment, as well as some of the artwork from inside the comic.

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Tekken Volume 1 is being written by Cavan Scott (whose previous credits include Doctor Who, Vikings, and Star Wars) and features art by Andie Tong (Tron: Betrayal, The Zodiac Legacy, The Batman Strikes). Here's how Titan Comics describes the new comic series:

"With a history colored by betrayal and bloody violence, the Mishima Clan are not your average family. Now something emerges that threatens to tear not only this broken dynasty--but the entire known universe--asunder! It's going to take the world's best fighters to combat this ancient evil--the King of the Iron Fist Tournament awaits!"

Tekken Volume 1 debuts later this month, on December 19. Titan Comics is also publishing several other comics based on popular game series; next year, the publisher will release one based on Bloodborne. As for the Tekken game series, Bandai Namco recently announced the next DLC character coming to Tekken 7: Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. He'll be added to the game in Spring 2018. Meanwhile, Tekken 7's most recent DLC character, Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series, arrived earlier this month. You can see gameplay footage of him here.

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