Check Out SC5's Space Michael

Don't believe Michael Jackson is in Sega's Space Channel 5? We've snagged shots of the King of Pop in the game.


As we reported recently, Space Channel 5 features the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and he plays himself, as Space Michael, in the game. You'll find Space Michael in the game's final level, appropriately titled "Space Channel 5."

Space Michael is one of the humans you must rescue from the alien Morolians, the wacky dancers responsible for body snatching citizens of our fair populace. If you free Space Michael, he'll rock with you and join your posse for a short while. It's pretty cool when you see Space Michael and Ulala busting Michael Jackson's familiar moves in his first video-game appearance since Moonwalker. If you don't believe us, check out these screenshots and take a look at the Gloved One for yourself.

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