Check Out Overwatch's Gold Weapon Competitive Rewards

Images of Overwatch's Competitive rewards, the golden weapons, have shown up from a Korean Public Test Realm.


Last week, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan talked about his first-person shooter's Competitive Play mode and the golden weapon rewards you could earn from playing it. Now, images of these weapons have turned up from a Korean Public Test Realm.

Kaplan specifically mentioned Reinhardt's hammer in last week's video, and you can see it and many others in the gallery below. It's still unclear how you'll be able to unlock these weapons, but we'll keep you updated as more information is revealed.

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You can see the rest of the weapons at MasterOverwatch, which got the images from a Korean website. Although most players can't get these yet, they will be able to work towards unlocking them when Blizzard releases Overwatch's Competitive Play mode later this month.

In addition to the Competitive Play mode, Kaplan also recently discussed new heroes and maps the developer has been working on, including a map that's "amazing yet a total disaster at the same time."

In related news, Blizzard has created an easier way to protect your account. The new authenticator lets you grant access to your account with a single press on your phone.

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