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Check Out Omni-Man's Brutal Fatalities And Brutalities In Mortal Kombat 1

Here’s how the villainous Viltrumite ends his MK matches.


Omni-Man has descended into Mortal Kombat 1, with early access now available to those who own the MK1 Kombat Pass. We’ve seen some of his moves via the recent Kombat Kast and other updates, but now we get to take this evil Superman for a spin ourselves.

While his moves in the heat of battle are cool, let’s be honest: This is Mortal Kombat, which means we’re here for Omni-Man’s bloodiest finishing moves. We’ve assembled the Viltrumite’s Fatalities, his Fatal Blow, and a few of his Brutalities into one video, so you can see how ruthless he can be.

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Here’s a rundown of each move in the video, along with a quick explainer on the moments from Invincible it pulls from:

  • Fatality 1: Trained Killer
    • Omni-Man grabs his opponent by the neck and flies off, with the scene changing to the subway from Mortal Kombat 3. The two burst through the ceiling, and Omni-Man holds his foe in front of him as the train arrives, smashing both the opponent and the subway passengers into bloody bits.
    • This references one of the most iconic scenes in all of Invincible, where Omni-Man does the same to his son Invincible in a Chicago subway tunnel.
  • Fatality 2: Like Putty
    • Omni-Man grabs his opponent’s head and squeezes, first popping out an eyeball before ripping the head off. He then pushes the head through the rest of the body before stomping on it.
    • This is an extended cut of the first kill we see from Omni-Man in his battle with the Guardians Of The Globe in the first episode of Invincible, as he smashes Red Rush’s head in a similar fashion, popped eye and all. However, Red Rush does not have his body split in half.
  • Fatal Blow: The Thinker
    • Omni-Man flies at his opponent and knocks them into the ground, where he then brutally beats them with his fists before delivering a double fist pound to the head, which shatters their skull.
    • This also references Omni-Man’s battle with his son, only this move calls back to the final moments before Omni-Man unexpectedly leaves.
  • Brutality 1: Behind You!
    • Omni-Man turns his opponent’s head backwards, after which they fall to their knees, cough up some blood, and fall over.
    • This is another reference to Omni-Man’s battle with the Guardians Of The Globe in the first episode of Invincible, in which he kills War Woman in the same fashion.
  • Brutality 2: Coming Through
    • Omni-Man flies through his opponent, which causes their body to explode.
    • This move likely references the scene in Invincible’s seventh episode, where Omni-Man dispatches an entire unit of special forces in cloaking devices. One of the soldiers is killed when Omni-Man flies at him with such force that his body bursts on impact.
  • Brutality 3: You Got Boned!
    • Omni-Man grabs his opponent by the foot and smashes them on the ground repeatedly, with the final smash making the opponent’s head explode before Omni-Man tosses them away.
    • This is also a reference to Omni-Man’s battle with the Guardians Of The Globe, specifically when he kills Darkwing in the same fashion.
  • Brutality 4: The Klassic
    • The classic “uppercut an opponent’s head off” move that every character on the roster can use.

Mortal Kombat 1 is available now on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Omni-Man is available to download now for those who own the Kombat Pass DLC or a premium version of the game.

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