Check Out New Screenshots And Details For WWI Shooter Isonzo

Isonzo is attempting to authentically recreate historic battles and combat strategy from World War I.


World War I shooter Isonzo is taking on quite the task: to authentically capture one of the most complicated wars in history, World War I. Recently, developer BlackMill Games shared new details about how it's working to realistically represent the towns, landscape, and feel of World War I's Italian front.

In a new developer blog, the studio went in depth about its process in bringing as much historic detail as possible into a game. This includes visiting museums and locales in person so that the studio can learn from and process detail about how landscapes and towns would have looked during the war. The studio took photographs and videos of some of the surviving features of the combat-torn Italian landscape, like trenches. It also analyzed historical photographs from after the fighting to bring in accurate detail about towns that were nearly destroyed.

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Alongside these explanations, BlackMill also shared some work-in-progress renders of the game's environment to show how information translates into in-game reality. These screenshots depict some detailed ruins and landscapes that players will fight through.

World War I was an extremely brutal, slow-moving war of attrition between numerous nations with complicated alliances. Battle lines rarely moved, and there weren't as many legendary campaigns cutting across continents as there were in World War II. As a result, video games rarely tackle it. But this fact also gives games an opportunity to find a niche, and Isonzo is going into even more unusual territory by tackling the Italian front of WWI, a lesser-known arena of combat.

As of now, Isonzo is scheduled to come out at some point in 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It's the third entry in a series of WWI shooters; the first, called Verdun, took players to the Western Front in France, while Tannenberg took place on the Russian front.

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