Check out New Elder Scrolls Online Features and Areas Ahead of Relaunch

As Elder Scrolls Online transitions to a one-time payment system, several new features get folded in.


Starting this week, The Elder Scrolls Online will be rebranded as Tamriel Unlimited. To accompany the update, Zenimax Online Studios released a launch trailer during their weekly ESO Live! Stream last week (starts at 1:33:45). The trailer runs through many of the features and content packs added since the Elder Scrolls Online launched in May 2014.

One of the biggest changes is the long-awaited Justice System. First announced at QuakeCon last year, the feature went live earlier this month and lets players steal from and murder basically anyone. That might sound a little sociopathic, but it's been one of the Elder Scroll Series staples features for quite some time. It could also be the first step to adding in the still-missing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests, which will almost certainly focus on stealing and assassination, respectively.

More than the new content, the Tamriel Unlimited update will mark Elder Scrolls Online's official transition to a buy-to-play model. Users can purchase the game and then play as much as they like, ditching the $15 per month subscription that ESO required at launch. Current subscribers can continue their monthly payment, and will be upgraded to ESO Plus accounts which grants a number of in-game bonuses including cosmetic and convenience items.

Tamriel Unlimited will launch March 17, but a price for the relaunched game hasn't been announced yet. We've reached out to Bethesda for comment and will update the story as we have more details.

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