Check Out NBA 2K16's New Studio Show Starring Shaq (But Not Charles Barkley)

Enter the uncanny valley.


NBA 2K16 will again feature a studio show for its pre-game, halftime, and post-game segments, this time starring Shaquille O'Neal, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith of Inside the NBA fame.

2K today released a new video showcasing a few minutes of the new show. Like in 2K15, which featured only Johnson and Shaq, there is somewhat of an uncanny valley situation going on, and there remains a disparity between the level of visuals seen in the on-court action and what happens in the studio.

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That said, what we get to see does a reasonably good job of replicating the type of studio show TNT's NBA broadcasts offer. It is, of course, missing Charles Barkley, who is so key to the dynamic of the real-world version. The video also doesn't give us a sense of how on-point the crew's comments and the highlights will be, but that's the sort of thing only extensive time with the actual game will reveal.

NBA 2K16 is due out on September 29, though you can start playing early by preordering. For a look at the actual basketball in the game, check out the recent gameplay video 2K released.

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