Check Out Minecraft's Biggest Pixel Art Image Ever Made

And I can't even make a simple house.


It's well known at this point that Minecraft is a pretty amazing creation tool for players willing to dedicate a lot of time, but the biggest pixel art image created in the game might just be the most impressive example of motivation and determination. Check it out:

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Streamer Tholar Tholarian asserts that his recently finished image is the biggest ever made. It used 1,128,960 blocks to create a piece of art worthy of being framed. According to the creator, he spent 23 weeks on this project. And for those who think that the image is faked, he streamed the final steps with thousands of viewers on Twitch and then later posted it on YouTube. It's an almost unbelievable feat, but it really was done in Minecraft.

You can watch Tholar place the final blocks in his picture of StarCraft's Kerrigan in the video below:

He isn't just doing this for fun, either: his streams help raise donations for Make-A-Wish Ireland.

What's your greatest Minecraft creation? Let us know in the comments.

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