Check Out Doom Running On Nintendo Switch

Hell is a place on Switch.

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Now Playing: DOOM On Switch Gameplay

Doom appearing on the Nintendo Switch was one of the highlights of the most recent Nintendo Direct. We managed to get some quality time with this acclaimed shooter using Switch's portable screen setup. Note that we played this non-final build on a Switch debug unit, so the frame rate and performance is subject to change. We also encountered some sound glitches during our direct-line audio recording due to the nature of the debug.

Doom looks to be one of the bloodier games for the Switch as we were assured the gore will not be toned down for the Nintendo console. It's also supported by all the original version's post-release content. That includes the suite of multiplayer maps and modes, which will be offered as an optional free download at launch. Doom on Switch is scheduled for release Holiday 2017.

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Avatar image for s7eventhheaven

instantly looks better than the standard xbox one version. but sadly this game will run best on xbox one x

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

All I can see switch used for is universal gaming.(needs a emulator app or something.

Then Intel or so will catch on and bang.

Avatar image for kalza

Doesn’t anyone know if you can customise ur controls because when I played it on the ps4 I would put my jump button to the L3 as it is so much easier to play so please tell me

Avatar image for leo5111

did no one notice? it said footage from ps4

Avatar image for spo562

How does it look on a TV?

Avatar image for urbanman2004

Congratulations Switch owners, welcome to the land of the living ( ͡ᶢ ͜ʖ ͡ᶢ)

Avatar image for narimanv

Now i can imagine how cool next Metroid could be in Switch !

Avatar image for scatterbrain007

Wow that's pretty impressive. Looks great!

Avatar image for supernick616

Honestly, I am quite impressed. I am a simple man and I think this looks AMAZING for a portable experience

Avatar image for jakespot

Doom - no mouse, no keyboard, no way

Avatar image for Iordanis1278

I think this looked pretty good at least for a portable version of the game. It would be interesting to see

how it fares when docked and connected to a tv screen. I really would like to see some footage of the game

running when docked, then it would be easier to make comparisons to other consoles. Anyway Nintendo finally seems to learn from the mistakes of the past and supports the console with greater third party support and more mature content.

Avatar image for Bamda

Makes me want to get a switch :)

Avatar image for alien-ouy

@Bamda: Do you work for Nintendo ?

Avatar image for Bamda

@alien-ouy: No, Google.

Avatar image for alien-ouy

@Bamda: How much did Nintendo pay you ? I'd like to advertise them too for money ^ ^

Avatar image for Bamda

@alien-ouy: Nothing, I just like the idea of Doom and Skyrim on a mobile platform.

Avatar image for alien-ouy

@Bamda: And you never played those games on PC ?

Avatar image for Bamda

@alien-ouy: of course, but doesn't change that I may get the switch to play the games when I travel.

Avatar image for alien-ouy

@Bamda: Why would you travel and play games that you already played ? Isn't it enough to play the Switch exclusives ? What's the point on wanting games that you already own on superior platforms ? And who gave you a like ? Another Nintendo advertiser ?

Avatar image for Bamda

@alien-ouy: This is my last comment on this topic. Because I can :) No different than getting coffee where I want because I can.

Avatar image for alien-ouy

@Bamda: You're being rude and you advertise Nintendo.

Avatar image for YukoAsho

I'd be MUCH more interested in seeing this running from the dock on a TV. Is it going to be as poor a performer?

Avatar image for xxdavidxcx87

So 540p at 30fps, what's the point? Who'd want to play it that way, not least pay £50 to do so.

Avatar image for rarerichz

@xxdavidxcx87: dude you re not going to notice 540p 30fps on small screen no fing way.

Avatar image for ferval100

@rarerichz: After playing the PC version, the Switch version is gonna play like Edward Muybridge developed it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c746fddbe486


Why do you keep banging on about the resolution and FPS, the game is one the best looking on all platforms the fact that the have managed to get the game running on the Switch is awesome, the low resolution makes little difference on a small portable screen and most games on consoles are 30FPS

Avatar image for Bamda

@tibua: Because some people are just ignorant. It's like the kid banging their head into the wall. They can't help themselves. :)

Avatar image for skot_free

I bought Doom on PS4 for 7.99 and I just can’t get into it, so it’s a no go for doom on Switch for me.

Avatar image for externalpower43

"the frame rate and performance is subject to change" = bad frame rate and performance.

Avatar image for adamg81

They could run this on PS3 if they wanted to waste the resources. Doom on Switch runs at 30fps, much lower resolution, lower quality textures and other effects. Oh and the load times are abysmal according to Eurogamer. They were already long on PS4. I doubt any of this will be changed when it comes out.

Not sure who this is for. If anyone really wanted this game they probably already have it. It's cool for Switch benchmarks but not a reason to buy for most people.

Avatar image for s7eventhheaven

@adamg81: because this is the perfect pick up and play experience for people who travel. beats candy crush on a long train journey any day.

Avatar image for rabih55555


On PS3 they have to sacrifice the graphics even more than that

Avatar image for s7eventhheaven


Avatar image for s7eventhheaven

@s7eventhheaven: on ps3 seriously .. buy yourself bayonetta on ps3 and then relish in compromise

Avatar image for tingtong

If they were able to whip up this port in such a short period of time then damnit there better be a lot more to come.. at least now maybe more devs will follow suit once they see it sells like crazy. Day 1 purchase for sho & I can’t wait to see my cute little Doom cartridge.

Avatar image for illegal_peanut

Damn... that looks amazing.

I really thought it was going to be a "Xbox/PS3/PC to Wii" port, type situation. But, nope. it's more the same as the other consoles.

Avatar image for xxdavidxcx87

@illegal_peanut: no it's half the frame rate and half the resolution and less than half texture detail, it's hardly the same.

Avatar image for rarerichz

@xxdavidxcx87: and you wont notice half the frame rate half the resolution and less then half the texture detail on a SMALL SCREEN FOR THE LAST TIME

Avatar image for YearoftheSnake5

This is really impressive. I didn't think the X1 chip could pull this off.

Avatar image for gruoch1

Once skyrim, doom, Mario, and Zelda are all released, the switch will be mine!

Avatar image for everson_rm

Just curious here: What is the resolution, fps for this on switch? Also, there will be FOV bar too, like ps4/one/pc?

Avatar image for riasgremory5

@everson_rm: maybe in dock mode its in 1080p.

Avatar image for YearoftheSnake5

@everson_rm: I haven't heard anything about resolution yet. The game runs at 30fps.

Avatar image for lavamelon

Looks really good! Not bad for a handheld. Switched has been DOOMed sucesfully.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

I am waiting patiently for the price to drop even if it takes a few years.

Avatar image for Subaru1980

It looks really really great. DOOM is a proof that the Switch could and should welcome more AAA titles. I hope Bethesda will continue to support it and bring Dishonored, The Evil Within and why not the excellent Rage too.

Avatar image for everson_rm

@Subaru1980: Rage was so underrated.

Avatar image for gruoch1

@everson_rm: agreed, I really liked that game.