Check Out Dead Rising 1 and 2 Remasters' First Screenshots

We get a glimpse of the PS4/Xbox One remasters of the Dead Rising series in the images.


Recently, Capcom officially confirmed that the original Dead Rising was coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and that Dead Rising 2 and Off The Record were coming to PS4 and Xbox One. The company didn't share anything else about the ports, but today we got a glimpse of what we can expect.

Screenshots that were posted on the Xbox website give a first look, and the game listings reveal the developers of each of the remasters. The images show a bit of the visual work being done on each game, too.

A few images were published on each game's listing, which you can see below.

Dead Rising:

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Dead Rising 2:

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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record:

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The remaster of Dead Rising is being worked on by QLOC, the studio that remade Devil May Cry 4. Mercenary Technologies, which did the PS4 version of God of War III, is remastering Dead Rising 2 and Off The Record.

There's no word yet on release date, but Capcom stated last week that it'll share more details "soon." The listings also show the games as being available in the bundle of all three, and Capcom has yet to make it clear if they'll be sold individually.

The fourth installment in the series, Dead Rising 4, is coming in December but only for Xbox One and PC.

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This isn't even worth calling a remaster. It's more like an HD edition but I guess that would sound weird since the original was in HD. Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Now that's a REALLY remaster.

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So remastering dead riseing 2 . I hope come on disc since still waiting res evil 4,5,6 come on disc.

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@playstationzone: I take it English isn't your first language?

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1st Dead Rising STILL the best. i always hated fighting that crazy clown & Isabella made the story of the game much much better when she told us about her & her brothers past

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@senorbusyman: Yup, I agree. I think the first one just holds up much better...once the 2nd one started doing weapon combinations it started becoming too hectic. The first one was great because it was basically use whatever was at your disposal. Also the added level of difficulty due to it's "save" feature that only allowed you to save one current game in progress and that you actually had to go to a certain spot to save.....this brought an old-school nostalgia to the game like old 90s games like Resident Evil made you do. The end was especially hard with trying to navigate the mall when the power is cut with all the commandos running about-- made things tense (*disembowel is the trick *wink).

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I feel sorry for PS players who are finally getting DR1 and have no nostilgia for the game because the graphics dont look remastered in any way. So all im going off is nostaligia

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@gameplayuk: You know the crazy thing is, is that there are actually people who can actually own both consoles and play PS and Xbox and not give a shit about this awe-inspiring "fanboy" BS! ............your mind is blown right now.

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@gameplayuk: Yeah, this barely looks like they remastered it. All it looks like they did was increase resolution in textures and image, and that is it. Which in some cases just makes the textures look worse. Just look at the textures on the zombies, they look so old, and stretched.

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@gameplayuk: I chose the 360 and skipped the PS3. Now I'm PS4 and skipping the One. of both worlds?

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@gameplayuk: Soon you'll feel nostalgic about being a part of the EU....when your economy crashes and games cost 200 pounds.

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@wtf_666: hmmmm how many jokes can we make about Donald trump - not gonna bother this is about games not politics ? !?

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@wtf_666: Got mad that the guy spoke ill of your game? poor guy, you.

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@gameplayuk: I bought Dead Rising on day one and played the hell out of it. Your memories must not be that fond, because this actually looks like a better remaster than I expected. It's not as jaggy, and the writing is actually legible on the walls and stuff. Granted, this is like 3 screenshots out of the entire game, but so far my expectations have been exceeded. Not sure if I'm going to spring for them yet, but I'm glad Capcom decided to re-release them.

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@Pipboy360: I've can guarantie i put hours into the game that you, i got 1000G on it and its my favorite DR game out of all 6 of them, the game was never jaggy at all, it was actually very smooth and had amazing anti-aliasing. Clearly you don't remember it at all. So like I said, based on these screens it doesnt look improved in any way other than the resolution (obviously). The textures looks the same, lightning looks same, smoothness looks same. I cant comment on framerate but i'd imagine that would be better. Resolution doesn't determine 'jaggies'. Thats mainly the anti-aliasing.

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@gameplayuk: Jesus, there are six of them? I haven't played one since the second one which I found to be a chore. The first drove me nuts sometimes too, but I liked Frank; he covered wars. I still don't think I'll get this, especially because I feel like this is incoming imminently, but I also feel the game should be improved overall. RE6 and RE5 had good remasters, so I expect Capcom to follow through here as well

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@gameplayuk: Why? A lot of PS4 owners also have an XBOX 360. :|

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Were those the updates graphics? It looks that same as the original. Not saying it looks bad, but the original look really good to start with

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day 1 buy no matter what!

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Also Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record need to be put into the same game. Having them seperate was always weird. Especially since Dead Rising 3 didn't get a Frank West edition.

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Maybe it's just been a really long time since I played Dead Rising (it has) but it doesn't look much different to me. I'm sure it does.

I'm just saying, put some comparison shots up. Seriously.

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Capcom is dangerously pushing the remaster "milking" further and further...

At what point will it be TOO much?

Resident Evil gave us "HD remasters" of games which were "Enhanced versions" of "Gold version" which were taken from "Director's cut" versions from initial original versions...

Isn't that abusive?

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@silv3rst0rm: All remasters are ripoffs IMO, but people keep buying them, so they'll keep making them...

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@silv3rst0rm: This is the same company that did a laundry list of different editions of Street Fighter 2.

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@silv3rst0rm: Not if people willingly pay them money for it. Then it's just commerce.