Check Out A New Card From Magic The Gathering Zendikar Rising

Take a look at the card for the upcoming set Inscription of Insight.


Arriving this month, Magic: The Gathering has a new set arriving called Zendikar Rising--and you can check out some of the new cards early. Wizards of the Coast has also revealed another new card from the upcoming set showcasing the return of the Kicker mechanic, and this sorcery card packs a powerful punch if you have the mana to spare.

Inscription of Insight costs one blue mana and three colorless to cast. This card allows the player to cast one of three spells. You can return two target creatures to their owners hands, Scry 2 cards, or have a target player create a X/X blue illusion creature token where "X" is the number of cards in the target player's hand. If you pay the kicker of two colorless and two blue mana, you can cast any number of these. Take a look at the card below.

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Eight total mana is quite a high casting cost for the full effect of the card. However, Inscription of Insight allows the player to create a creature, control an opponents battlefield, and manipulate their own deck. Inscription of Insight will be available in Zendikar Rising when it comes to Magic Arena on September 17 and to tabletop on September 25. The deck will consist of 280 cards and include returning mechanics like Landfall and the previously mentioned Kicker. Additionally, new mechanics like Party and Modal Double-Faced Cards were explored.

That's not all Wizards of the Coast has in store though. Recently, it revealed that Magic The Gathering is doing a collaboration with The Walking Dead for a Secret Lair Drop, and MTG also revealed the titles of new sets for 2021.

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