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The protagonist of the upcoming Prey lives in a creepy, weird world. We already know that one of your powers in the game is to be able to turn into mundane objects (like a roll of toilet paper), but the game is filled with unsettling imagery and intriguing mysteries.

To promote the game, and allow you to dig deeper into the lore of Prey, the publisher is releasing a journal showing off the main character, Morgan Yu's, discoveries and thoughts as they explore the world. The in-game explanation for the art below is: "Important message from the TranStar Corporation Central Office of Communications As requested, please find enclosed the journal of Morgan Yu, confiscated from him following his research aboard TranStar space station Talos I.In the interest of ensuring Dr Yu’s story is told, please feel free to share any of the information enclosed inside as far as possible. Only with this knowledge will you be fully armed to counter the Typhon threat aboard Talos I."

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While the message above references "he," you can choose whether to play the game as a male or female version of Morgan.

The above art is just a sample of the book-length compilation of teaser imagery. It will, at some point, also be collected into a physical version, but the team hasn't yet revealed how that will be made available to fans.

Prey releases on May 5 for PC, Xbox, and PS4, and according to developer Arkane (a name you might recognize as the studio behind Dishonored), this new Prey will have "a wide variance" of endings.

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