Check-In: Spotlights & Borderlands 2 Giveaway

Community Check-In: This week we return member spotlights in a whole new light; share a way you can win Borderlands 2 for free; and ways you can receive an emblem and profile points!


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Live Stream Schedule & Game Giveaway

For the most part the editors seem to be staying fairly tight lipped about what they have up their sleeves this week for live streaming. On Tuesday at 1pm Pacific Time we'll have our Borderlands 2 live stream and give away the game on multiple platforms! There has been a fair amount of saucey talk around the water cooler about doing some other games like Torchlight II and Black Mesa but those aren't set in stone. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the awesome streams on GameSpot you can subscribe to our channel on Twitch.TV

User Reward Challenge

This weeks activities! As always, in addition to the automatic points you’ll get to your profile when you use the site you can earn some bonus points this week by participating in the following activities:

- 100 XP - Comment on Chalk Talk: In Perfect Harmony
- 200 XP - Create an editorial blog for Chalk Talk: Rated M for Murder
- 200 XP - Show off each of your anniversary blogs
- 300 XP - Sign up for the Spirit of Competition Mailing List
- 3000 XP - Join the GameSpot Players Network!

You’ll have until Monday, September 24 to complete these challenges to eligible for your profile boost.

Member Spotlights

We’ve been missing out on featuring other members in the community so here’s your chance to be in the spotlight every week!

Forum Poster: Vari3ty was the first to post about our official review of Borderlands 2 in the System Wars forum. Nice first post moves, there!

User Review: vengefulwilberg has an insighful review of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Well, not many games are a 10, but he sure brings up some points in the review.

Fuse Poster: Gamer_4_Fun was once well known on Fuse for his funny and engaging Fuse Cast, now it would appear he is finally considering to bring it back!
Comment Poster: alenth We liked how he kept it real in his post involving the Killer Instict news. “Nostalgia Attacks!! the game was fun but it doesn't have the competitive standards for a good competitive game for today.”

Player of the Week: CHOASXIII has been hard at work with in the world of Skyrim, most recent achievement unlocked was “Architect”. With an impressive 1,367 trophies CHOASXIII clearly loves her action and role playing games.

This Week on Chalk Talk…

Chalk Talk has been gaining quite a bit of steam over the past few weeks, and the amount of GameSpot talent that has began to surface is nothing short of amazing. Last week we talked about music in video games, be in their emotional impact on the player, the importance a proper melody bring to the experience, or even just a compilation of various composers as a way to say thanks. You can check out the top five featured blogs we picked here. Interested in being featured on this Fridays Chalk Talk? This weeks topic is “Rated M for Murder”, where we asked what opinion GameSpotters had on the subject of violence in games.

Tip of the Week: Anniversary Blog

Did you know that if you posted an anniversary blog about how long you’ve been a member, you can receive an emblem? Roll call with a link to your anniversary blog for your 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year anniversary on GameSpot and get this nifty emblem awarded to your profile!

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