Cheaters to Get Locked Away on Prison Server in EverQuest 2

Don't cheat.


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EverQuest II cheaters, beware, Daybreak Games is preparing to launch a new "prison server" where offending players will be locked away for good.

As explained in the game's forums, the server will be called "Drunder," and it's expected to roll out later this week. Players caught cheating or otherwise disrupting regular gameplay will be sent to that server.

"Characters on these accounts will be copied to Drunder (the 'prison server') and can never leave or transfer to another server," Daybreak explained.

The developer said its customer service employees have requested such a server for years now as a means to deal with offenders. It's these employees who will determine which players are sent to Drunder.

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The Daybreak Games terms of service agreement contains a section labeled "Cheating" that outlines the company's suspension and ban policy. Punishable offenses include general cheating (including hacks, bots, etc.), as well as reverse engineering or disassembling of Daybreak software in any way.

Daybreak went on to clarify that Drunder will not receive any customer service support. In addition, non-banned players can request a server change to Drunder, but they should know that this change is account-wide and not limited to one particular character.

"You won't be able to move individual characters to this server, while maintaining characters from the same account on another server," Daybreak said. "This is a ONE-WAY trip for an entire account forever.

"Ultimately, players who break the rules--or want to--will have a world of their own to do… whatever they will," Daybreak added.

EverQuest II is a free-to-play game, so offending players could always just create another account and start over. They could even buy a level boost to jump right back up the ranks.

Finally, Daybreak stressed that the prison server feature is only an "experiment," suggesting that the developer may decide to change things up down the road.

"Let's see where this takes us," Daybreak said.

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