Cheap Deus Ex, Hitman, and Just Cause Headline New Humble Bundle

The Humble Square Enix Bundle features several games from stories franchises like Hitman, Thief, and others.

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Another Humble Bundle went live today, and this one features games from several Square Enix franchises. The popular pay-what-you-want bundle program publishes collections of games that allow you to choose your own price and donate to charity. The Humble Square Enix Bundle discounts Hitman, Deus Ex, and Thief games among others, and it is raising money for the GamesAid and Make-A-Wish charities.

Like other Humble Bundles, this one will last two weeks and has multiple tiers of games. The different options are outlined below.

Pay at least $.01 (or at least $1 to get Steam keys) and you will receive:

If you spend more than the average price for the bundle (at the time of this writing, the average is $6.09) you will also get:

Finally, pay more than $14.99 and you'll get five more games:

When you decide to buy the bundle, you're given the option to split your money between three different groups. Your money can go to the developer, Humble Bundle, or the charities. This bundle is benefiting GamesAid, an organization that raises money and democratically chooses to distribute it among other charitable organizations, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants children with life-threatening conditions opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

All of these games are available on PC, and Hitman: Absolution and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are also compatible with Macs. Which games interest you? Let us know in the comments!

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