ChartSpot: US PC sales, 3/26-4/1

Oblivion continues to rule the roost, with World of Warcraft not far behind; omnipresent Sims franchise also represented.


Traditionally, the NPD Group's weekly PC game charts are dominated by a select group of recurring characters. However, March saw a new heavyweight enter the top slot--where it will likely remain for some time.

As one might guess, the new PC champ is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Besides taking the Xbox 360 by storm, the expansive and acclaimed role-playing game has conquered the PC community. Publisher 2K Games and developer Bethesda Softworks announced this week that the game accounted for 13 percent of all PC game sales the week after it shipped on March 20. The two companies' press release did not mention the millions of social calendars wrecked, nights of sleep lost, and the rampant "Oblivion flu" that is decimating workplace productivity across the country.

The Collector's Edition of Oblivion, which bundles the game with extras such as a pocket guide to its fictional empire and a making-of documentary DVD for an extra $10, also made the top 10 during the last week in March, coming in fourth. That was three slots above the other major newcomer on the list, Electronic Arts' The Godfather, which was released the day after Oblivion.

But while Oblivion did double duty, the rest of the top 10 was mostly made of familiar faces. The megapopular World of Warcraft remained megapopular, coming in at number two. It will come as no surprise that the Sims were represented--the Sims 2 was sixth, while its Open for Business expansion was third.

A complete list of the best-selling PC games from March 26 to April 1 (no joke!) is below.

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nice to see madden crack the list

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WoW should still be at the top, c'mon people lets do something about that!!!

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With the ever growing dominance of consoles and the domination on so many sites, including PC sites, of the multi-format chart, expect to see Tomb Raider: Legend No.1 for ages, not because it is better than Oblivion, but purely because it is released on more formats. When gamers bemoan this or that game getting so high, look to see how many formats it's released on. Needless to say, a crappy game that sells a measly 20,000 each on four formats will do better in the chart than a PC only game that sells 79,999. That's why inherently the multi-format chart does not tell gamers a darn thing. So why it is used more an more on consumer pages I do not know.

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yeah this is hot

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cool dude!!!!!

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the sims still there showing that theres more lunatics buying that game than i thought

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Civ IV is still hangin' in there. Good to see.

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Ya, Oblivion is rightfully at #1 spot. Now if only some of that added content were free. I'm not asking for all of it free, just some.

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its a brilliant game so it deserves the spot.

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And rightfully so...

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YEAH OBLIVION!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i had Oblivion..played it 4r like a week and then i took it back to the store

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ALMOST EVERYONE in my friend list has it already... i got it myself ....AMAIZING GRAPHICS! LOVE THAT GAME!

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Hehe, only when people have no idea what they are talking about. Dissing my incomplete collection to fail at proving a point is wrong to me. I didn't even know other people could see that stuff.

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Jeeze fluffebunnie, a little defensive are ye?

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man.....i want some actual sales numbers!!

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fluffebunnie... your collection consists of 7 Final Fantasy titles, 4 Lunar titles (two of which are "complete" versions of the first two), a collection of Mega Man games (of all things), 2 versions of MGS2, MGS3, and every Suikoden and Wing Commander title. you're definitely not one to talk about rehashes, my friend.

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After playing Oblivion, and seeing the new state of technology .. WOW is very dated imo. The one thing I get from Oblivion that I never got from WoW is total freedom. I love this game very much. It's made my imagination flow with creativity. The Oblivion MOD community ROCKS! :)

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Just give it a month and PC gamers will once again crown WOW champ and mysteriously come down with Azeroth flu requiring them to miss work unexpectedly.

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No surprise here... Oblivion has taken over Wow.

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I know how you feel godoftheds, my comp is a 6 year old dell too :(.. Thank god I got a 360 for oblivion a couple of weeks though! Easily one of my 5 favorite games of all time.

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My PC is a little on the old side and I'm definitely not seeing the max out of Oblivion, but I'm still enjoying the game immensely. It deserves it's ranking and I hope it gets to #1 soon.

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sigh... PC life sucks when u have a 6 year old dell and no money to upgrade

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The Big difference it that WOW is ever growing and expanding, Like a BLACK HOLE that once caught it sucks you in and takes away your other gaming money and time. This will lead many more games to become an MMOLG simular to WOW or Nsoft Guild Wars which does not charge money.

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This is a sad comment on PC gaming. PC gaming is still a broken ghetto that has 3 or 4 popular games and that's it. Add whatever the current MMORPG is in with the current Sims title and there you have it. Oblivion is a great game and it is good to see it doing well. Galactic Civilizations II is another great game. Beyond that? You have some rehash FPS games and some WWII shooter games. What happened to PC gaming? Someone please come along and make more great single player games before MMORPGs ruin things for good. Well, it's probably too late for that.

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I'd be more curious about WoW's retention...after a couple years it is getting old and dated and the end game (or lack there of) still sucks. Now Oblivion and bet I traded in my yearly fee for WoW for those 2 titles alone. edit: Don't get me wrong...WoW is a great game if you've never played it you have missed out on something.

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the Irony is that its because WoW sold so much that they could afford to push Starcraft ;p

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how is WOW still selling so many....they're gonna end up havin 10 million players signed up by the time it's finished...and they're comin out with an expansion to sell even more!! maybe blizzard can take that money and work on a new starcraft

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WOW really most be a great game.All I want for that game is a new game for it I would buy a new upgrade. THere needs to be more stuff added it is getting a little dated.

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Can't believe AoE3 is still on the top ten. Guess word hasn't spread fast enough about it not being a great game.

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number 9 say that backwards

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World of Warcraft continues to dominate

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I hate to see old games like Sims and World of Warcraft stay here... OBLIVION RULEZ.

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Funny how WOW is always right there watching and waiting to reclaim that #1 spot.

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cool hope the sales stay like this

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It seems everyone is playing Oblivion...and they should, great game. Good to see Civilization IV holding on in the Top 10.

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I have Oblivion on my PC, but if I owned a 360 and could pick only one game, I'd choose Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter over Oblivion any day.

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Thirteen percent of all game sales could certainly help 2K games to repair that burned-out office building.

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oblivion is gonna be an obvious #1... anyone with an xbox 360, a pc computer and a sane mind will have that game... whats weird is how come i dont have it... :|