ChartSpot: October 2005

SOCOM, Madden, NBA Live, and Grand Theft Auto dominate the console charts, while PC gamers' cups runneth over with quality titles.


As is the case each October, last month saw some of the bigger guns in the battle for fourth-quarter sales begin firing. Sony Computer Entertainment America's SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs proved to be the biggest gun on the console charts, dethroning September champion Madden NFL 06 and landing ahead of NBA Live 06, both from Electronic Arts.

While all three of the top games were for the PlayStation 2, right behind was the first fourth-place finish for Sony's newest platform, the PSP. Take-Two Interactive-owned Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories enjoyed the best debut of any game on the platform, even though it didn't get as much critical praise as its console cousins.

Overall, the October console charts were dominated by PS2 games, which totaled 14 of the top 20 games that shipped during the month. Notable releases included Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (5th), FIFA Soccer 06 (7th), Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (8th), The Warriors (9th), Shadow of the Colossus (10th), Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (11th), Soul Calibur III (12th), and Blitz: The League (16th).

Behind Liberty City Stories, the best non-PS2 finisher was Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness for the GameCube (6th). Slightly lower on the chart was Ubisoft's Xbox-exclusive shooter Far Cry Instincts (11th), followed by NBA Live 06 (15th) and Madden NFL 06 (19th) for Microsoft's current-gen console. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for the DS was the only other non-Sony-platform game, coming in at 14th.

Microsoft Game Studios' Age of Empires III ruled the PC top 20 in October and was followed by a gaggle of top-tier titles. Three games had two versions--regular and special editions--which both made the chart, including Civilization IV (3rd and 16th), Quake 4 (8th and 14th), and F.E.A.R. (9th and 10th). If that wasn't enough to keep PC gamers busy through the holidays, the month also saw Black & White 2 (4th), Call of Duty 2 (7th), City of Villains (13th), and the Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasions expansion (17th) hit the market.

Last MonthRankTitlePlatformPublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALsPS2SCEAOct-05$49
22NBA Live 06PS2Electronic ArtsSep-05$49
13Madden NFL 06PS2Electronic ArtsAug-05$47
**4Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesPSPTake-TwoOct-05$50
**5Dragon Ball Z: Budokai TenkaichiPS2AtariOct-05$49
**6Pokemon XD: Gale of DarknessGCNintendoSep-05$48
**7FIFA Soccer 06PS2Electronic ArtsOct-05$49
**8Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesPS2SCEASep-05$39
**9The WarriorsPS2Take-TwoOct-05$49
**10Shadow of the ColossusPS2SCEAOct-05$39
**11Tony Hawk's American WastelandPS2ActivisionOct-05$48
**12Soul Calibur IIIPS2NamcoOct-05$49
**13Far Cry InstinctsXboxUbisoftSep-05$47
**14Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowDSKonamiOct-05$35
1115NBA Live 06XboxElectronic ArtsSep-05$49
**16Blitz: The LeaguePS2MidwayOct-05$39
717Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06PS2Electronic ArtsSep-05$49
**18Ultimate Spider-ManPS2ActivisionSep-05$47
419Madden NFL 06XboxElectronic ArtsAug-05$47
**20Mortal Kombat: Shaolin MonksPS2MidwaySep-05$48

Current RankLast MonthTitlePublisherAverage Price
1**Age of Empires IIIMicrosoft$49
21The Sims 2 NightlifeElectronic Arts$33
3**Civilization IVTake-Two$50
4**Black & White 2Electronic Arts$49
53Roller Coaster Tycoon 3Atari$25
62World of WarcraftVU Games$44
7**Call of Duty 2Activision$50
8**Quake 4Activision$49
9**F.E.A.R.VU Games$48
10**F.E.A.R.: Director's EditionVU Games$54
114Battlefield 2Electronic Arts$48
128The Sims 2Electronic Arts$42
13**City of VilliansNCsoft$50
14**Quake 4: Special EditionActivision$59
15**Doom 3Activision$22
16**Civilization IV: Special Edition2K Games$49
17**Rome: Total War Barbarian InvasionsSega$29
187The Sims DeluxeElectronic Arts$19
1910Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter AssaultTHQ$28
205Guild WarsNCsoft$48

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1SOCOM 3: US Navy SealsSCEAOct-05$49
22NBA Live 06Electronic ArtsSep-05$49
13Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsAug-05$47
**4Dragon Ball Z: Budokai TenkaichiAtariOct-05$49
**5FIFA Soccer 06Electronic ArtsOct-05$49
**6Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesSCEASep-05$39
**7The WarriorsTake-Two Oct-05$49
**8Shadow of the ColossusSCEAOct-05$39
**9Tony Hawk's American WastelandActivisionOct-05$48
**10Soul Calibur IIINamcoOct-05$49

Last MonthRankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Far Cry InstinctsUbisoftSep-05$47
42NBA Live 06Electronic ArtsSep-05$49
13Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsAug-05$47
**4Blitz: The LeagueMidwayOct-05$39
**5The WarriorsTake-Two Oct-05$49
**6Battlefield 2: Modern CombatElectronic ArtsOct-05$49
**7Tony Hawk's American WastelandActivisionOct-05$48
58X-Men Legends 2 : Rise of ApocalypseActivisionSep-05$48
**9FIFA Soccer 06Electronic ArtsOct-05$50
710Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06Electronic ArtsSep-05$49

Last MonthRankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
101Pokemon XD: Gale of DarknessNintendoSep-05$48
12Mario Superstar BaseballNintendoSep-05$46
**3Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceNintendoOct-05$48
**4Dance Dance Revolution: Mario MixKonamiOct-05$46
**6Ultimate Spider-ManActivisionSep-05$46
57Super Mario SunshineNintendoAug-02$19
**8SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini BottomTHQOct-03$14
49Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsAug-05$46
710Super Smash Bros. MeleeNintendoDec-01$29

Last MonthRankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
11Pokemon EmeraldNintendoApr-05$35
**2Bratz : Rock AngelzTHQ Oct-05$29
23Lego Star WarsEidos Interactive Mar-05$30
54Mario Bros 3: Mario 4NintendoOct-03$30
**5Ultimate Spider-ManActivisionSep-05$29
46Disney PrincessTHQ Mar-03$15
**7Power Rangers: S.P.D.THQ Sep-05$20
88Danny Phantom: The Ultimate EnemyTHQ Sep-05$28
**9Donkey Kong: King of SwingNintendoSep-05$30

Last MonthRankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Castlevania : Dawn of SorrowKonamiOct-05$35
32Nintendogs: Dachshund & FriendsNintendoAug-05$31
23Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & FriendsNintendoAug-05$31
14Nintendogs: Chihuahua & FriendsNintendoAug-05$31
**5Trauma Center: Under The KnifeAtlusOct-05$30
46Advance Wars : Dual StrikeNintendoAug-05$35
67Super Mario 64 DsNintendoNov-04$30
**8Lost In BlueKonamiSep-05$30
**9Zoo TycoonTHQOct-05$30

Last MonthRankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesTake-Two Oct-05$50
12Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsSep-05$49
**3Marvel Nemesis: Rise of The ImperfectsElectronic ArtsOct-05$50
**4NBA Live 06Electronic ArtsOct-05$49
25Burnout LegendsElectronic ArtsSep-05$50
**6Virtua Tennis: World TourSegaOct-05$40
**7X-Men Legends 2 : Rise of ApocalypseActivisionOct-05$50
78World Series of PokerActivisionSep-05$40
39Namco Museum Battle CollectionNamcoAug-05$40
410Midnight Club 3: Dub EditionTake-Two Jun-05$49

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