ChartSpot: May 2004

GameSpot's resurrected monthly chart roundup sees superheroes, ogres, and cowboys riding high on NPD's top-10 lists.


Hopefully nobody at Capcom headquarters wears cowboy boots, because executives at the company are probably kicking themselves for selling Red Dead Revolver to Rockstar. According to figures released by the NPD Group last week, the Western-themed title was the best-selling game of May 2004.

Besides topping the combined sales charts, Red Dead Revolver also rode at the front of the Xbox and PlayStation 2 posses. Capcom's top tile, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, trailed seven slots behind on the chart. Other titles of note on the console top 10s were: Nintendo's Pokemon Colosseum, the best-selling GameCube game, and Activision's Shrek 2, which led Game Boy Advance sales. Also, Halo: Combat Evolved was the number-two Xbox game, some two and a half years after its release. Midway's NBA Ballers duked it out with EA's Fight Night 2004 and MVP Baseball 2004 for top sports game honors.

NCsoft's City Of Heroes saved the day on PCs, with the superhero-themed massively multiplayer online game flying highest in the sales chart for the second month in a row. Seminal shooters Far Cry and Battlefield Vietnam swapped second and third places, followed by real-time strategy classic Rise of Nations and its new expansion pack, Thrones & Patriots. Jumping a whopping 28 slots was LucasArts' resurgent Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, whose $10 price drop enticed more PC gamers to feel the force.

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePlatformPublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Red Dead RevolverPS2RockstarMay'04$48
22NBA BallersPS2MidwayApr'04$38
**3Fight Night 2004PS2Electronic ArtsApr'04$48
44MVP Baseball 2004PS2Electronic ArtsMar'04$48
**5Shrek 2PS2ActivisionMay'04$50
**6Red Dead RevolverXboxRockstarMay'04$49
**8Syphon Filter: The Omega StrainPS2SonyMay'04$49
**9Shrek 2GBAActivisionMay'04$30
**10Onimusha 3: Demon SiegePS2Capcom USAApr'04$50
**11Samurai WarriorsPS2KoeiMay'04$50
912Halo: Combat EvolvedXboxMicrosoftNov'01$29
1013Hitman: ContractsPS2Eidos InteractiveApr'04$50
514Pokemon ColosseumGCNintendoMar'04$48
**15Shrek 2GCActivisionMay'04$50
**16Van HelsingPS2VU GamesMay'04$49
**17Custom RoboGCNintendoMay'04$40
**18Fight Night 2004XboxElectronic ArtsApr'04$49
**19Mario vs. Donkey KongGBANintendoMay'04$29
**20NBA Street Vol 2PS2Electronic ArtsApr'03$20

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePublisherAverage Price
11City Of HeroesNCsoft$47
32Far CryUbisoft$39
23Battlefield VietnamElectronic Arts$38
364Rise Of Nations: Thrones & PatriotsMicrosoft$27
125Rise Of NationsMicrosoft$33
46Unreal Tournament 2004Atari$38
357Star Wars: Knights Of The Old RepublicLucasArts$29
78Lineage II: The Chaotic ChroniclesNCsoft$45
69The Sims DeluxeElectronic Arts$25
510Counter Strike: Condition ZeroVU Games$36
1011MS Age Of MythologyMicrosoft$33
812Call Of DutyActivision$42
**3Thief: Deadly ShadowsEidos$40
1614The Sims Double DeluxeElectronic Arts$33
1515The Sims: Makin' Magic Expansion PackElectronic Arts$32
1416Lords Of the Realm 3VU Games$20
1817Warcraft III Battle ChestVU Games$42
1318MS Zoo Tycoon: Complete CollectionMicrosoft$30
2019Hoyle Casino 2004VU Games$23
2720Final Fantasy XISquare Enix USA$50

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Red Dead RevolverRockstarMay'04$48
22NBA BallersMidwayApr'04$38
**3Fight Night 2004Electronic ArtsApr'04$48
34MVP Baseball 2004Electronic ArtsMar'04$48
**5Shrek 2ActivisionMay'04$50
**7Syphon Filter: The Omega StrainSonyMay'04$49
98Onimusha 3: Demon SiegeCapcom USAApr'04$50
**9Samurai WarriorsKoeiMay'04$50
510Hitman: ContractsEidos InteractiveApr'04$50

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Red Dead RevolverRockstarMay'04$49
42Halo: Combat EvlovedMicrosoftNov'01$29
**3Fight Night 2004Electronic ArtsApr'04$49
34NBA BallersMidwayApr'04$39
25Splinter Cell Pandora TomorrowUbisoftMar'04$49
**6Rallisport Challenge2MicrosoftMay'04$49
57Hitman: ContractsEidos InteractiveApr'04$50
68MVP Baseball 2004Electronic ArtsMar'04$49
**9Van HelsingVU GamesMay'04$49
710Ninja GaidenTecmoMar'04$48

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
11Pokemon ColosseumNintendoMar'04$48
**2Shrek 2ActivisionMay'04$50
**3Custom RoboNintendoMay'04$40
**4Sonic Mega CollectionSegaNov'02$20
35Super Smash Brothers MeleeNintendoDec'01$30
26Harvest Moon:WondrfulNatsumeMar'04$40
47Mario Kart: Double Dash!!NintendoNov'03$49
78Luigi's MansionNintendoNov'01$20
69Sonic HeroesSegaJan'04$50
**10Metroid PrimeNintendoNov'02$20

Last MonthCurrent RankTitlePlatformPublisherRelease DateAverage Price
**1Shrek 2GBAActivisionMay'04$30
**2Mario vs. Donkey KongGBANintendoMay'04$29
33Mario Bros 3: Mario 4GBANintendoOct'03$30
24Pokemon RubyGBANintendoMar'03$32
45Pokemon SapphireGBANintendoMar'03$33
**6Donkey Kong CountryGBANintendoJun'03$20
77Metroid Zero MissionGBANintendoFeb'04$30
98Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament 2004GBAKonamiFeb'04$33
**9Mega Man Battle Network 3 BlueGBACapcom USAJun'03$14
1010Mario & Luigi SagaGBANintendoNov'03$31

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