ChartSpot: August 2005

Console top 20 is sacked by Madden and bit by Nintendogs; Dungeon Siege II cracks PC top 10.


In what has become an annual tradition, August has seen an Electronic Arts football game knocked off the top of the console charts Electronic Arts football game! Yes, once again the latest PlayStation 2 college gridiron game, NCAA Football 06, was succeeded at number one by the latest PS2 version of the Madden franchise, Madden NFL 06. The Xbox version of Madden took the number two slot, while the GameCube edition became the first game for Nintendo's console since Resident Evil 4 to enter the top 20, landing at number seven.

Unfortunately for diversity-seeking football-game fans, there was no ESPN NFL 2K alternative to Madden this year--nor will there be for the better part of a decade, given the company's exclusivity deal with the NFL. Nor will there be an ESPN game when the pact expires in 2009, since EA signed a 15-year deal to use the sports network's brand in games.

If pigskin's not your thing, August saw some new console entrants of both the commando and canine variety. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike, the expansion pack to the popular Xbox squad-based strategy game Ghost Recon 2, debuted at number four. Nipping at its heels was Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends, the wildly popular DS domestic-pet sim, in the fifth slot. The two other versions of the game, Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & Friends and Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends, debuted at ninth and 12th, respectively.

As usual, there wasn't much change on the PC charts in August. Other than the entry of Microsoft Game Studios' Dungeon Siege II at number five, it was just the same group of recurring favorites swapping places--or in the case of Battlefield 2 and World of Warcraft, not moving at all. The two best sellers stayed in their respective first- and second-place slots, while July eighth-place finisher RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 pulled into third place. Finally, it wouldn't be a PC chart without a gaggle of Sims titles, and last month had four in the top 10: The Sims 2 (6th), The Sims 2 University (7th), The Sims Deluxe (8th), and The Sims: Unleashed (10th).

RankLast MonthTitlePlatformPublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**Madden NFL 06PS2Electronic ArtsAug-05$49
2**Madden NFL 06XboxElectronic ArtsAug-05$49
31NCAA Football 06PS2Electronic ArtsJul-05$48
4** Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit StrikeXboxUbisoftAug-05$30
5**Nintendogs: Dachshund & FriendsDSNintendo Aug-05$31
64Pokemon EmeraldGBANintendo Apr-05$35
7**Madden NFL 06GCElectronic ArtsAug-05$49
810Star Wars: BattlefrontPS2LucasArtsSep-04$20
9**Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & FriendsDSNintendo Aug-05$31
103Halo 2 Map PackXboxMicrosoftJul-05$20
1117Delta Force: Black Hawk DownXboxNovaLogicJul-05$50
12**Nintendogs: Chihuahua & FriendsDSNintendo Aug-05$31
13**Dragon Ball GT: TransformationGBAAtariAug-05$30
142NCAA Football 06XboxElectronic ArtsJul-05$48
15**DarkwatchXboxCapcom Aug-05$49
168Lego Star WarsPS2Eidos Interactive Mar-05$40
1720Burnout 3: TakedownPS2Electronic ArtsSep-04$20
18**Delta Force: Black Hawk DownPS2NovaLogicJul-05$49
19**Advance Wars : Dual StrikeDSNintendo Aug-05$35
209Midnight Club 3: Dub EditionPSPTake 2 Interactive Jun-05$49

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherAverage Price
11Battlefield 2Electronic Arts$48
22World of WarcraftVivendi Universal$48
38Roller Coaster Tycoon 3Atari$29
43Guild WarsNCsoft$49
5**Dungeon Siege 2Microsoft$50
65The Sims 2Electronic Arts$49
74The Sims 2 UniversityElectronic Arts$33
86The Sims DeluxeElectronic Arts$20
97Half-Life 2Vivendi Universal$48
109The Sims: Unleashed Electronic Arts$10
11**Madden NFL 2006Electronic Arts$40
12**Zoo Tycoon: Complete CollectionMicrosoft$25
13**Mall TycoonActivision$16
1416Warcraft III Battle ChestVivendi Universal$38
1514Star Wars BattlefrontLucasArts$21
1612Zoo Tycoon 2Microsoft$31
1718Halo: Combat EvolvedMicrosoft$20
18**Doom 3Activision$26
1913The Sims: Superstar Electronic Arts$10
20**Seaworld Adventure Parks Tycoon 2Activision$20

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsAug-05$49
21NCAA Football 06Electronic ArtsJul-05$48
35Star Wars: BattlefrontLucasArtsSep-04$20
44Lego Star WarsEidos InteractiveMar-05$40
510Burnout 3: TakedownElectronic ArtsSep-04$20
6**Delta Force: Black Hawk DownNovaLogicJul-05$49
73Destroy All Humans!Thq Jun-05$48
8**Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryTake 2 InteractiveJul-05$40
97Medal of Honor: European AssaultElectronic ArtsJun-05$39
10**DarkwatchCapcom Aug-05$49

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsAug-05$49
2**Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit StrikeUbisoftAug-05$30
32Halo 2 Map PackMicrosoftJul-05$20
46Delta Force: Black Hawk DownNovaLogicJul-05$50
51NCAA Football 06Electronic ArtsJul-05$48
6**DarkwatchCapcom Aug-05$49
79Burnout 3: TakedownElectronic ArtsSep-04$19
810Star Wars: BattlefrontLucasArtsSep-04$20
9**Halo 2*Microsoft Nov-04$38
10**The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate DestructionVivendi UniversalAug-05$49

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**Madden NFL 06Electronic ArtsAug-05$49
29Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful LifeNatsumeJul-05$30
32Super Smash Bros. MeleeNintendo Dec-01$30
44Super Mario SunshineNintendo Aug-02$19
53Pokemon ColosseumNintendo Mar-04$20
610Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryTake 2 InteractiveJul-05$30
7**Sonic Gems CollectionSega Aug-05$30
85Animal CrossingNintendo Sep-02$20
97Kirby Air RideNintendo Oct-03$20
10** The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerNintendo Mar-03$19

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
11Pokemon EmeraldNintendo Apr-05$35
2**Dragon Ball GT: TransformationAtariAug-05$30
35Lego Star WarsEidos InteractiveMar-05$30
4**Disney's Kim Possible 3Buena Vista Games Jul-05$29
5**Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryTake 2 Interactive Jul-05$30
68Disney PrincessThq Mar-03$15
72Fantastic 4ActivisionJun-05$28
93Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of The ClonesThq May-02$15
10**That's So Raven 2Buena Vista Games Jul-05$29

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**Nintendogs: Dachshund & FriendsNintendo Aug-05$31
2**Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & FriendsNintendo Aug-05$31
3**Nintendogs: Chihuahua & FriendsNintendo Aug-05$31
4**Advance Wars : Dual StrikeNintendo Aug-05$35
51Kirby: Canvas CurseNintendo Jun-05$35
62Super Mario 64 DSNintendo Nov-04$29
74Warioware: Touched!Nintendo Feb-05$35
83MeteosNintendo Jun-05$31
97Yoshi Touch & GoNintendo Mar-05$31
105Goldeneye: Rogue AgentElectronic ArtsJun-05$30

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
11Midnight Club 3: Dub EditionTake 2 InteractiveJun-05$49
22Coded ArmsKonami Jul-05$40
3**Death Jr.Konami Aug-05$40
43Untold Legends: Brotherhood of The BladeSony Online Ent.Mar-05$40
55Need For Speed: Underground RivalsElectronic ArtsMar-05$50
66Twisted Metal: Head OnSonyMar-05$40
74Dead To Rights: ReckoningNamcoJun-05$40
88Hot Shots Golf: Open TeeSonyMay-05$39
99ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' TrailsSonyApr-05$40
1010Tony Hawk's Underground 2 RemixActivisionMar-05$48

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