Charm Girl Club Press Conference Impressions

A new franchise is born, aimed directly at girls and their after-school activities.


It seemed like Electronic Arts was eager to get the games for girls out early so that they could finish their press conference with games that had less estrogen. EA announced a new game franchise today called the Charm Girls Club, and already has in the pipeline four games that are set to be released this fall. Charm Girls Club Pajama Party is for the Nintendo Wii, and Charm Girls Club My Perfect Prom, My Fashion Mall, and My Fashion Show are for the Nintendo DS. All are sparkly and incredibly girly.

Dyan Williams, a senior producer at the EA Play Label, came out with four young girls in tow to demonstrate one of the minigames included in Pajama Party: Speed Hair Teasing. By shaking the Wii Remote vigorously, the goal is to come up with the biggest hairdo. The video cut out at this point, so we weren't able to see what the gameplay actually looked like, but the trailer showed a flurry of activities and minigames that you'll be able to do. The brand is obviously focusing on everything that's fun and fabulous when it comes to being a girl, so there will be tons of slumber parties, scary movies, and dresses to try on in the closet.

The art style is more subtle than the huge eyes and puffy lips that we've associated with the Bratz label, but the girls are still built like incredibly thin dolls with glossy makeup and perfectly coiffed hair. In Pajama Party, there will be 30 minigames in which you can play with up to eight friends in teams. All of the Charm Girl Club games are expected to ship this fall.

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