Charlie Bit My Finger Will Be Deleted From YouTube After NFT Sells For $760,000

The viral video picked up more than 880 million views, but now it's going away.


The famous viral video Charlie Bit My Finger is being deleted from the internet as its owners sold the video as a non-fungible token (NFT) for more than $760,000.

The user mememaster opened the bidding at $99,999, and after a series of increases, someone with the username 3fmusic paid $760,999 to purchase the video as an NFT. The video itself remains available on YouTube, but it's been unlisted. Presumably there is a holding period for now before it's deleted forever and always.

The winner of the auction now gets to film a new parody version of the video with Harry and Charlie, who are now teenagers. Their father, Howard, told Business Insider that their family benefitted financially from the video through the YouTube Partner Program.

"Our family did benefit financially and this really allowed us to provide the boys with a great start to their lives," he said.

With the money from the auction, the family plans to make a donation to help offset some of the costs of mining bitcoin. Any money that is left will go toward the boys' education.

"Charlie Bit My Finger has been a huge part of the Davies-Carr family's lives for the past 14 years, and they are excited to welcome others to become a part of their story. This is not the end of the beloved video, but rather a new beginning," the Charlie Bit Me NFT site said.

NFTs are quickly becoming very popular and lucrative, so much so that Square Enix recently said it's investigating the crypto craze for future growth. For more on NFTs, check out GameSpot's primer that explains what NFTs are all about.

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