Changes at Blizzard

Three Blizzard team members leave to form company.


In the past, several Blizzard designers, programmers, and artists have struck out to form their own game companies after working on Blizzard classics like WarCraft II, Diablo, and Starcraft. With the wealth of talent at the company, it is no surprise that members of the Blizzard team would leave to pursue their own dreams of game development. The latest team members to leave are Mike O'Brien, Pat Wyatt, and Jeff Strain. Strain announced today that he was leaving with O'Brien and Wyatt to form a new game company called Triforge.

Jeff Strain was previously a programmer working on an unannounced project for Blizzard, while Pat Wyatt was a programmer. Mike O'Brien was the leader of the team that created the Warcraft III 3D engine, and was most recently the technical lead on an unannounced project. Said Susan Wooley, PR director for Blizzard, "While we're sorry to see them go, their departure will not affect the development of Warcraft III or Diablo II. When they left, none of them was working on either project."

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