Championship Manager 2006 preps to take the pitch

Euro gamers can once more finagle with their favourite footie franchise's financials next spring.


Eidos today announced that the latest in its long-running Championship Manager soccer sim series is set for a spring 2006 release on the PC in the UK.

Developed by Beautiful Game Studios, Championship Manager 2006 will feature a new 3D match engine that lets players watch simulated games unfold as they would a televised match, individual relationships with the players, and more. It also introduces new international scouting functions, accurate fitness regimes, and the ability to scout an opposing team by watching tape of its previous games.

The Championship Manager series of European-release PC soccer management sims used to be synonymous with developer Sports Interactive. Two years ago, following the release of the critically adored Championship Manager 4, Eidos and Sports Interactive announced that they would go their separate ways after one last game: Championship Manager: Season 03/04. The publisher kept the rights to the Championship Manager name, while the developer took the game's source code and database and struck off on its own.

Since the split, Eidos tapped Beautiful Game to develop the Championship Manager franchise, while Sports Interactive has been busy with its spiritual successor, Football Manager (aka Worldwide Soccer Manager).

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