Champions: Return to Arms goes gold

Sony's follow-up to Champions of Norrath is off to production and on schedule for release February 7.


Sony Online Entertainment today announced that Champions: Return to Arms, the sequel to last year's Champions of Norrath, has gone gold. The action role-playing title is being developed by Snowblind Studios, the team behind Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and will be released on February 7 exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

Champions: Return to Arms continues the story of Champions of Norrath. The evil god Innoruuk has been defeated and his body has been shattered into several pieces and scattered across the land. Innoruuk's devout followers are attempting to gather the shards of their leader and resurrect him, and it will be up to gamers to stop them and save Norrath once again.

Those who have spent some time with either Champions of Norrath or Baldur's Game: Dark Alliance will be familiar with the title's RPG elements and hack-and-slash gameplay. New features include two new playable races, new spells and items to acquire, and new competitive online and offline modes for multiplayer battles. Gamers can also import their characters from Champions of Norrath into Champions: Return to Arms, and take them up to the new maximum level of 80.

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