Champions of Norrath announced

Snowblind Studios is working on a new action RPG set in the EverQuest universe.


Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Champions of Norrath is currently in development for the PlayStation 2 at Snowblind Studios--the same development company behind Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. The game will be an action RPG that's based on the EverQuest universe, and it will feature both single-player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode will support the same online matchmaking service found in the upcoming real-time strategy game Lords of EverQuest that will let four players participate simultaneously.

There will be five playable characters in Champions of Norrath, including a barbarian warrior, a dark elf shadow knight, a high elf cleric, an erudite wizard, and a wood elf ranger. These characters can be modified by changing their hair, skin, and tattoos. Champions of Norrath will feature thousands of items for players to use as well as unique magical items that can be combined to create magical weapons and armor. In addition, there are approximately 50 side quests as well as randomly generated dungeons.

"Champions of Norrath is a brand-new franchise for Sony Online Entertainment, bringing our unique fantasy universe to PlayStation 2 gamers in an exciting, action-packed role-playing game," said Don Vercelli, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Sony Online Entertainment. "Not only does the game have a deep single-player campaign, but it also includes a free online multiplayer component, allowing up to four friends to adventure together using their own Internet connections."

Champions of Norrath is scheduled for release this fall.

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