Champion Snooker Player Talks About How Video Games Impacted His Career

Australian Neil Robertson says some games are designed to "take over your life."


Australian Snooker champion Neil Robertson has opened up on his former video game habits and how playing games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft affected his professional career.

Speaking to EuroSport (via Kotaku), the Australian-born Robertson said games like League of Legends are designed to "to over your life."

"You find yourself sitting in front of the computer screen for six, seven or eight hours straight. Which is obviously not healthy," he said.

Robertson stressed that his time spent playing video games didn't necessarily stop him from winning more tournaments, but at the same time, he acknowledged, " I think I would have given myself more opportunities to go further in other events."

He also talked about how he became "addicted like hell" to FIFA 14, which cut into his practice time while managing his son's schedule as well.

"I was obsessed with winning the title against other players. I'd get up in the morning to take [his son Alexander] to school then turn on the Xbox, thinking, 'I'll just have one game with a cup of coffee to wake myself up,'" he said. "Before you know it, it is 2 PM in the afternoon. It is then too late to go to the club to practice because I've got to pick Alexander up from school."

Additionally, Robertson said he was part of a WoW raid group and how he didn't want to miss his team's raid even when he was in China for a Snooker event.

"When I got out there, the connection was so bad that I couldn't get access. I was furious for four or five days," he said. "All I was thinking about was getting back home for a connection from China. I lost my spot on the team, and all of a sudden that became more important than the snooker which is absolutely crazy."

The full interview is packed with more insight and strong quotes--read it here. On Twitter, Robertson said it was probably the "most honest" interview he's ever done.

He is now "hitting the [Snooker] practice table hard" to make up for his time away.

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I don't think people really understand how video games can be addicting to certain people, especially MMOs. Great, you're not addicted to video games. Doesn't mean they don't have addictive qualities and have other people addicted to them. I've fallen victim to Final Fantasy XI and XIV and both those games preyed on people with obsessive personalities. Granted, game addiction is not the same as physical addiction, like alcohol and nicotine, but it can still be an addiction nonetheless. Your brain releases chemicals such as serotonin when you absorb yourself into a game world, and if you are not careful, you CAN get addicted to your own chemicals. (thrill seekers, sex addicts, etc.,) With that said, anyone who is an addict of anything is responsible for their addictions, and what they're addicted to is not to blame.

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Sounds like your own personal issues. I quit WoW when raiding started to become a job. You should have done the same.

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Oh no. Playing one game left him less time to play another game. The horror.

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Impressive that he still managed to become successful despite this. But then I guess his addiction to videogames also stems from his drive to succeed at whatever he does.

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This guys addictive personality is the issue here. Not the games he plays. Thinking about playing a quick game of Fifa first thing in the morning to wake himself up after taking his son to school. You'd think you'd be awake after either driving or walking your kid to school. The only time I remember playing a video game first thing in the morning was Christmas when I got my Game Gear and Sonic.

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Neil Robertson is cool guy.

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@7tizz: What so you have no sympathy for people who are addicted to these games like WOW and LOL I have seen first hand how these addictions are just as bad as alcohol and cigarette addiction.

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@7tizz: so you have played wow since 2004 and dont think your addicted to it...bullshit

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Just so everyone knows, Eddie Makuch absolutely knows that this story will turn into the same shitstorm r/StopGaming did. You are all expected to be very offended by this and light up this comment section like a flaming garbage fire. Don't take the bait.

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Yo, this dude is blaming video games for being lazy and stupid.
What kind of shiz is that?

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It really pisses me off that Ghost Recon is selling so well. I guess Ghost Recon is the new GTA. Bye bye tactical shooters. Sorry Ghost Fans gonna have to build your self a PC and play Arma 3 or something to get your true definitive tactical fix because the Ghost are done and replaced with lack luster GTA style gameplay. For the record GTA 5 does it better.

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@7tizz: Why do I care? because I care about the quality of games. If we support bad quality as gamers. Then devs will produce more bad quality games because we went out in force to support their game. Due to a "badly rated" game getting tons of good sales. This shows to developers that they did something right. But with this game they didn't do most things right. In fact it's one of the worst versions of Ghost Recon to date and fails in a lot of basic places that made the franchise great in the first place. I own every Ghost Recon currently all in my library ready to play. I bought them all on release. Huge fan, maybe number #1 fan who knows. Just upset a sub par game is doing so well in sales is all. I feel this generation doesn't know the quality this game use to offer and I feel many newcomers are satisfied with this poor in quality product. To them it seems like the best thing since slice bread when in fact it's far from it. Though I strongly think the CO-OP is what helps others overlook the poor game design though.

From the fanbase, long time fanbase you can read their thoughts and reviews on Meta. 60/100 overall score from the users and not so well received from the review sites as well. This is a bad game, well not completely bad but definitely not great. Like it once was.

So that's my reasoning behind it. You disagree, I respect that. To each their own. But ask your self this? Should we support bad games, now that you know my reasoning behind it?