Chalk Talk - Gamers vs. Gamer Culture

Chalk Talk Gamers vs Gamer Culture, how we effect the community, various points in society, and alter social interactions with one another.


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The past few Chalk Talks we have looked into how various aspects impact the culture which we hold near and dear to us. This week were going to discuss the impact our culture has on various aspects of society, the demographics that it encompass, the social and anti-social implications, the rise of subcultures and the sphere of influence that gaming has created for non gaming cultures. Here is what GameSpot members had to say.

SuperMassive20: So where does the image of a gaming nerd sat in his underwear, eating Cheetos, drinking Mountain Dew while playing games come from? In a world where millions interact from all around the world playing games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, are we seen as forever alone?read more.

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Starshine_M2A2: If you wanted to be a gamer, you had to sacrifice your social life and any hope that you would be considered cool by your peers. Either that, or keep it to yourself. We had our small group of gamers in school but any discussion about games to any outsider and it would be social suicide. But then, something happened. read more.

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benleslie5: Apart from Gaming being fun for everyone, its also played a huge impact on everyone lives for its outstanding art, music, and culture. There have been midnight launches on various games and consoles throughout the years and online games have also made a huge impact on systems like PC with stuff like World of Warcraft. read more.

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pokecharm: The idea that I am embarrassed to be a gamer has faded, but it isn't truly gone. I attribute that to being a female gamer and not because of the activity itself. read more.

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Gelugon_baat: In other words, long before gaming culture was (somewhat) accepted as the norm, the foundations for this change in general society's perception of gaming culture may have already been laid by the likes of memes such as "All Your Base Are Belong to Us". read more.

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A very special thanks to everyone who contributed to this week's Chalk Talk! To read all of the entrants, you can check out this link here.

Extra Credit

Sometimes a good blog is simply a good blog, and these GameSpot members deserve recognition for their efforts and contributions:
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Girls in gaming or even girls in games. More often than not this is a subject that is touched on only when a rift occurs in the gaming community. Be them busty babes sucking on plastic or hard working average mothers who just wanna have a fun frag. This week on Chalk Talk we ask are they nothing more than females looking desperately for attention in a social pool they find to be easy to navigate, or are they legitimate gamers? Is misogyny something that we should expect to see in this community or is it something that we should combat? Whatever perspective you choose to take, sound off in our roll call thread here once you've finished writing your blog.

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