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League of Legends - Crouching Chaox, Hidden Wild Turtle

Everyone who keeps up with LCS and League of Legends has heard about the change in TSM from Chaox to Wild Turtle. There are many reasons why Reginald; leader of Team Solo Mid (TSM) decided to change AD players. Many have heard the part about Chaox showing up late, leaving to be with a fangirl, going out drinking, and so on. This aside, the goal of any team is to improve their chances of winning. It all comes down to whether or not Wild Turtle will give TSM a better chance of winning than Chaox did. At first it seemed like a good choice to go with Wild Turtle, especially after that Penta kill in his first match. But now that other teams have seen Wild Turtle in action, could he really be a weaker choice for the team? In a way, this data is unfair toward Wild Turtle because it is a comparison based on fourteen matches of play from Chaox compared with the nine matches of play from Wild Turtle. I can understand where some might get upset by the unfair comparison, but this blog is to take a look at how Wild Turtle is doing, compared to how Chaox was doing.

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For those of you who watched Gamecribs episode six, there was a line in which Chaox’s play style was questionable along with how often he plays Miss Fortune. This seemed to imply Chaox’s choices of champs were limiting the rest of the team from playing what they wanted. Looking at just the data, this statement could be unfair to Chaox and with what limited information we have about Wild Turtle’s play style so far at LCS you could almost say the same thing about him. However, there is a pattern here to both of their gameplay styles that should be looked into. There was a line that Reginald asked Dirus; who do you think is the better AD in the current meta?

Before doing a comparison of the two players, we will start by looking into which AD has been the most successful at LCS. Here is the list of the highest winning percentages for AD champs at LCS; Draven 81.8%, Tristana 76.9%, and Miss. Fortune 65%. Wild Turtle counts for a large part of the Draven win percentage and Chaox counts for a large part of Miss Fortune. I left out Urgot because of his limited use at LCS. It’s a good start to begin to understand how each player compares to those stats.

Chaox used four different AD champs at LCS. Primarily throughout LCS, Chaox used his most successful champ; Miss Fortune, in which he used her to help TSM win six matches. Other teams seemed to pick up on Chaox’s success and banned Miss Fortune. When Miss Fortune was banned, he used Kog twice and Ezreal once. He won two of the matches using Kog and lost the match in which Chaox used Ezreal. In the other matches he played, he won a match using Tristana and had no success with Ezreal. The first match of LCS Chaox used Ezreal and then the first time Miss Fortune was banned he used Ezreal again. Chaox seemed as though he wanted to use Ezreal as his back up champ for Miss Fortune, but was unsuccessful in doing so. He then turned to Kog as his backup champ and did rather well.

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Wild Turtle as a player has had a large number of successes at LCS despite the fact that he had rather large shoes to fill. The question remains, will Wild Turtle be the player Reginald had wanted? If he was looking for someone with a large pool of AD gaming champions, Wild Turtle still may need to prove he is a better choice for an AD player than Chaox. Here are the numbers from the first three weeks of Wild Turtle, being the new AD carry for TSM. Wild Turtle has won an impressive four matches as Draven and two matches as Caitlyn. Wild Turtle showed what he had what it took to play with the pros by scoring that Penta kill in his first match at LCS. Other teams seemed to have notice how strong Wild Turtle and started to ban accordingly. Dignitas and Vulcan banned both Draven and Caitlyn from TSM. Both of these matches were a loss for TSM. Both times, Wild Turtle was forced to use another champ and in both matches he lost because of it. Wild Turtle used Varus as his back up champ and had no success using him. In the last match TSM against first seat Team Curse Wild Turtle used Miss Fortune with great success. The reason for using Miss Fortune was two fold; one is because she has a really strong global skill, and second to prevent Cop from using her. Right from the start Wild Turtle was able to stay ahead in CS vs Cop at 15 minutes into the match Wild Turtle was 20 CS ahead of COP and four kills up compared Cop’s zero kills. Could this mean he now has a new back up champ over Varus or did they pick it just to counter Curse?

As LCS gets closer to being completed, we will learn more about Wild Turtle and what he can do as the new AD player in TSM. If he will be the next Chaox is yet to be seen. It is easy to jump on the band wagon after Wild Turtle did such a good job on his first week as a replacement for Chaox, but as other teams learn how to deal with Wild Turtle, he might end up being much weaker than Chaox. While it looks as during LCS Choax was limiting himself to using mainly Miss Fortune, it could be question that by picking Miss Fortune so often he was keeping the other team from using her. Her global presents make her one of the best choices for an AD carry. Choax did rather well when he used Kog.

What to look for in the future of LCS and other events is if Wild Turtle can be just as strong with other champs as he has been with Draven and Caitlyn. Chaox had Miss Fortune banned three times and he was still able to win two of those matches. The teams did not ban both Kog and Miss Fortune from Chaox so we don't know what the outcome would have been if they had banned Kog. Is this because those teams knew that Chaox had other backups he could use beside Kog or was it because they did not think Chaox would be much of a threat if he did not have Miss Fortune? With Wild Turtle, Dignitas and Vulcan used two of their three bans to limit his Champion pool. Those targeted bans seemed to have worked because TSM lost both of those matches. There is a lot to be said when a team uses two of their three bans to target one player.

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When a team uses their bans to target one player, it normally means that they see this player as having a limited pool of champions and that by targeting him, they can shut down the team. There are other factors in which a team loses a match, but we cannot miss what these targeted bans really mean. We will be able to see if teams keep doing targeted bans towards Wild Turtle in future LCS matches. While seeing a TSM without Chaox can be hard, changes happen and it’s always nice to see a new blood doing so well. It makes for some really good entertainment. We will all be watching to see where one of the oldest professional League of Legends teams goes from here with their new AD carry.

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