CESA announces results of annual gaming study

Consumer Entertainment Supplier's Association says more than one-fourth of Japanese play console games.


CESA is a video game trade organization that has conducted annual surveys of Japan's gamers and other topics of interest to game firms since 1996. One of their newest studies focuses on the general population's use of games, and is entitled "2006 CESA General Population Survey and Report: Typical and Atypical Users in Japan and Korea."

Today CESA issued a press release highlighting some of the study's findings. In a nutshell, the survey found that gaming continues to occupy a central role in Japanese entertainment. Across all respondents, 26.1 percent report playing console games, and a whopping 34 percent of those say that they play games with their family. However, solitary gamers are still most common: 53.1 percent of game players reported playing "by myself." Only 4.3 percent of respondents report playing online games.

The report is in Japanese and is available for purchase at Japanese bookstores for 5,250 yen ($45.75).

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