CES 07: Joust Hands-On

Just how do flying ostriches look and feel on the PlayStation 3? Sony and Digital Eclipse show us.


LAS VEGAS--Midway's Joust has a special place in the heart of many game lovers. The 1982 arcade hit that found you controlling a knight atop his flying ostrich and facing the buzzard-riding forces of evil has a simple charm and timeless appeal. As a result, the game was an easy choice for Sony Online Entertainment to choose to convert for the PlayStation 3's online store.

The game's simple visuals and audio are faithful to the arcade classic. The game looked and played just about how we remember it. The control layout was alright, although we'd like to see an option to customize it. Though the visuals are looking spot-on with the original game, it would have been nice to see an option for upgraded visuals. Besides what's looking like a good conversion of the original arcade game, SOE and developer Digital Eclipse are making additions to the experience. The title will support 720p and feature online multiplayer as well as online leaderboards.

So far, Joust is looking like a solid conversion of the retro classic that retains its appeal. The game is still fun and the multiplayer is still addictive. We're curious about the standard selection of unknowns for SOE's retro titles, such as how it plays online and how much it will cost. Hopefully Sony will shed some light on when and how much the game will cost when it becomes available soon. Joust is currently slated to be available in the PlayStation's online store in the early part of this year. Look for more on the game in the coming months.

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