Censored State of Emergency?

Despite reports to the contrary, only one version of State of Emergency will be sold.


State of Emergency

Several reports have surfaced regarding the possible sale of two different versions of Rockstar's upcoming game State of Emergency. The source of the reports seems to be an advertisement seen at various retail locations that tells customers to "preorder the unedited version" of State of Emergency. While the game has received a substantial amount of criticism for its portrayal of civil disorder, a Rockstar representative has informed GameSpot that such reports are "completely and utterly false."

In State of Emergency, players take control of resistance fighters who have risen up and started riots against the Corporation, a massive company that starts to extend its reach into mind control. There are two main modes in the game, revolution and chaos. Revolution is more story-driven, while in chaos, players engage in straightforward action. State of Emergency is scheduled for release on February 14.

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