Celtic Kings and Prince of Qin go gold

Strategy First announces that its action RPG and its real-time strategy game are complete and will be shipping to retail soon.


Strategy First has announced that both Prince of Qin and Celtic Kings have gone gold, meaning that the games are finished and will soon make their way to retail.

Celtic Kings, which was developed by Bulgarian studio Haemimont Multimedia, tells the story of Caesar's invasion of Gaul, and it allows players to play either as Caesar or the Gaul chieftain Vercingetorix. Interestingly, the game boasts two quite different modes of play: strategic and adventure. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

Prince of Qin, which was developed by China-based Object Software, will let players assume the role of Fu Su, a prince of the Qin Dynasty some 2,200 years ago. A particularly noteworthy feature of the game is that up to 500 gamers will be able to enjoy multiplayer action simultaneously on a single server. For more information, read our previous coverage of the game.

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